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Granite Bay (dual channel DDR voor P4) preview @ HardOCP

Bij HardOCP hebben ze een Granite Bay sample getest, gemaakt door Asus. De results liggen op dit monent ongeveer gelijk aan die van de I850, soms iets sneller, soms iets trager. Het is nog wel een beta chipset, dus wellicht zal de performance in de toekomst nog wel hoger worden :) Ook interressant zijn de resultaten van de Via P4X333, die draait heel goed mee ondanks zijn lagere bandbreedte. Via heeft de kunst van geheugencontrollers bouwen inmiddels goed onder de knie :) [quote:180c7c4c0b] Remembering that this is a beta chipset with alpha drivers, we should not draw any conclusions at all as this is most likely not going to represent the true state of the Intel Dually DDR when it finally arrives. I cannot help but get excited from the showing in the benchmarks though. This chipset looks to be an incredible achievement by Intel. We have remarked a couple of times about the stability of the board, but overall it was incredibly stable and only faltered when really pushed hard. We have seen retail boards for sale that did not do as good of a job as this Asus P4G8X. Seeing that the board is most likely not going to be for sale till the end of Summer or after we can be assured that when the Intel Dually DDR solution gets to market it will already be very mature. That is of course something Intel is held in high regard for anyway. Intel has never tolerated half-baked products, even the ones we did not like were usually solid performers in their own right. Remembering that this is to be a "workstation" chipset we still have to wonder just how many companies will be producing this board for the retail enthusiast. ASUS being a leader in the industry is sure to set an example with their P4G8X mainboard. I imagine that there is going to be a big void to fill later this year in mainboard sales and Dually DDR may just be what the doctor ordered. Now of course keep in mind that the Intel Dually DDR did not run away with any of the benchmarks, but certainly held its own. The VIA P4X333 showed that VIA has become extremely good at building efficient memory controllers. VIA is working on their own Dually DDR Pentium 4 board but the launch date for that product is still unsure. I would not expect it before Summer is gone. If VIA can pack their memory controller experience into a Dually DDR solution running at 333MHz I think they will have a winner on their hands. We still are just not sure who will be building with the non-Intel-licensed chipset. Overall, Dually DDR is on the horizon and it is looking to be a great product. At this point I think we should all be happy to be able to buy a CPU that can take advantage of all that bandwidth. [/quote:180c7c4c0b] Hele verhaal: http://www.hardocp.com/article.html?art=MzIzLDE=