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  • [quote:c2e0aad4f0][i:c2e0aad4f0]Originally posted by riff_raff_50076 [/i:c2e0aad4f0]
    [b:c2e0aad4f0]Hey check out MenuetOS is a fully 32 bit assembly written graphical hobby operating system, distributed under GPL license. Menuet supports 32 bit x86 assembly programming as a faster and smaller system footprint.

    Menuet has no unix roots and the basic system is meant to be a clean asm based structure. Menuet isn't based in any particular operating system, since the idea has been to remove the extra layers between different parts of software, which complicate programming and create bugs.

    Menuet's application structure is not specifically reserved for asm programming since the header can be produced with practically any other language. However, the overall application programming design is intended for easy 32 bit asm programming. Menuets responsive GUI is extremely easy to handle with assembly language.

    You can get it here :

    MenuetOS [/b:c2e0aad4f0][/quote:c2e0aad4f0]

    Iemand dit al geprobeerd ? (Sorry dat het engels is :wink: )
  • Nee, ik heb hier geen floppy, ga 'm vanavond eens proberen.
    Wel grappig minder dan 1.4Mb met grafische shell.
    Hopen dat ik nog genoeg oude hardware bij elkaar kan sprokkelen om 'm volledig werkend te krijgen.
    Helaas kan ik niet programmeren in assembler anders was 't leuk spul voor een htpc oid.

    Bedankt voor de tip ! :)

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