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  • Ik heb op mijn tablet pc twee programma's staan van Ablet: AbletDictionaryMgr en AbletWordMgr. Iemand enig idee waar deze programma's voor dienen?
  • [b:d71e4626b3]abletDictionaryMgr Publisher's Description[/b:d71e4626b3]

    abletDictionaryMgr is a complete Dictionary Management Tool. It incorporates the latest features to manage and control words in the Tablet PC User Dictionary. Add/Edit/Delete functions are easy and always available. Backup and Restore of currently added words. abletDictionaryMgr adds thousands of words at one time, eliminates the need to continually add words with the Tablet Input Panel. Use your own or our Special Interest Dictionaries. Formatted to work with and improve recognition on all Tablets. Major Benefit- Saves Time! Fast and easy to use Merge words from MS Words Dictionary Extract and add Outlook names and email addresses to User Dictionary Timesaver! Add thousands of words at one time! Backup/Restore Dictionary file Export words to another Tablet

  • Maar concreet: waar is het handig voor? In combinatie met welk programma bv.

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