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Mp3 Pagecrawler 1.4

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  • Mp3 Pagecrawler 1.4 is finally released! Why download this new version? -> Seperate search albums/singles/search engines -> Search for Any words/All words/Exact phrase -> Search case sensative (testing proves this makes search result much more accurate -> Better update capabilities -> More solid search engine -> Better lay-out -> Changed the way the program searches site's (up to 40% faster) -> For advanced users: You can now add 'search engined based sites' much easier with always the good result For new users: What can the Mp3 Pagecrawler basicly do? You can search on as many mp3 site's as you'd like for any you'd like. Then the Pagecrawler looks on those page's and shows in a result list wheter or not an mp3 is available. What's the difference with just visiting the site you might think. Well if you haven't noticed it by yourself, all those mp3 page's use an enormous amount of pop-ups, with the mp3 pagecrawler you will never see one pop-up. Searching for an mp3 single/album usually takes about 15 minutes before you find a site who has it, Mp3 Pagecrawler can search over 100 site's a minute (depending on your own speed). So, Go to MissetSoftware and download it now. [URL=http://home.wanadoo.nl/~misset]MissetSoftware[/URL] [URL=http://home.wanadoo.nl/~misset][img:311988a375]http://home.wanadoo.nl/~misset/previews/mp3pagecrawler_tumb.jpg[/img:311988a375][/URL] Tim Misset Webmaster MissetSoftware
  • hmmmm..... :-?
  • Het is niet beleeft om reclame te maken. :( Maar bedankt voor de tip. :D :evil: MajinBuu :evil:

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