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  • Is er een programma op de markt waarmee je allerlei soorten problemen kun vastleggen en oplossingen in een database. :-?
  • Q&A database? Kan je toch gewoon excel voor gebruiken?
  • Misschien is helpdesksoftware een idee? Is wel als freeware te vinden.
  • Voor opslag van gegevens gebruiken veel mensen Excell als database. Voor b.v. adressen kan dit voldoen, een echte database is het natuurlijk niet. Simpele flat-file databases zijn nauwelijks nog te vinden, zie tekst van volgend artikel:

    Has anyone come up with a simple database program similar to the old DOS PFS: Professional File?

    Fourteen years ago, we ran a review of 24 flat-file databases ("Easy-to-Use Sophisticates," April 12, 1988) that worked with one table of data at a time. Included in the review were popular programs such as the aforementioned Professional File, Q&A, and RapidFile, and less well-known products such as C.I.P., Courtney database, Personal Pearl, and Rajan. Today, if you want a program for managing lists—be they tables of contacts, accounts, transactions, recipes, or CD collections—your choices are much more limited.

    The most obvious program that comes to mind is Microsoft Access, but that isn't especially easy for quick databases. Other options include FileMaker (about $230 street), IBM's seemingly forgotten Lotus Approach (about $90), and Intuit's QuickBase, a Web-based database that, at $15 per month, can quickly get pricey. Alternati
    in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Although Excel has terrific list management capabilities, it's still less than ideal for data entry, reporting, and maintaining data integrity.
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    MyDatabase ($39.95 direct), which is part of Elibrium's MySoftware line, provides a very tempting, inexpensive, modern-day alternative. In addition to letting you create flat-file databases from scratch, the program provides 20 templates for common business and personal applications to get you started. It imports data from several other databases, including Access, ACT, and Outlook. When we imported our 4,000-record Outlook address book, MyDatabase searched it acceptably quickly. You can make attractive reports and labels and easily create e-mail merges.

    The database isn't without its quirks—for instance, the program lays out fields on a data entry form in reverse order of their creation—but these are the types of issues that anyone will quickly learn to work around. (Elibrium Inc., www.mysoftware.com. )
  • Ja hoor, die is er nog steeds: dBase III en IV in MS-DOS.
    Velen zullen hier hun neus voor ophalen, maar toch…
    Ik gebruik Clipper 5.3 om er een .EXE van te maken.

    Je kunt er ALLES mee doen, ook niet database gebaseerde programma's maken.

    Ben er erg enthousiast over!!
    Groet, perloc
  • DBase is er ondertussen ook voor windows (wel erg duur :() - www.dbase.com

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