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Hackers Manifest

A HACKERS MANIFESTO. Another one got caught today, it's all over the papers. "Teenager Arrested in Computer Crime Scandal", "Hacker Arrested after Bank Tampering" The crowd is unaware , and must stay that. They also don’t care ! We are the chosen ones to take our people in to the next evolutionary step. For this we are pursuid by the ones who are “chosen” by the people of your nations , whose positions are threatend by us. We are the new elite , the leaders of your nations threaten us with mire words. You can’t find us because we don’t exist in your world. We are the shadows that live at the out skirts of your world. If you want to find us follow this path : A door opened to a world…. Rushing through a phone line , crossing contenents with the speed of light like an adrenalin rush …. A board is found. This is it … this is where you and I belong…. I know everyone here , you will too , even when you will never meet them , never talk with them or ever hear of them again. You will know them all. We exist without skin color , without regilgious bias , we have no nationality , we are all equel for each other. We seek knowledge , that’s the hunger we try to still. Like predators lurking in the night trying to catch our pray. We seek the weakness of our enemy’s and if so we’ll try to show them the path of the beauty of the baud and the electron. Yet we’re persuid as criminals , while your leaders will hide behind their atomic bombs and huge army’s. At night we scaver through your cities and your land in search for new information , new things to learn as our hunger increases with every bit of new information. This is our religion , our true belief. We can’t and will not kill if you don’t stand behind our believes. It’s not our goal to rule over the world , or suppres people who don’t think like us or don’t support our believes. We believe in freedom of speech and equel rights. But for all we believe in freedom of information. After years of dedication and hard work , and his firm belief in his religion he enterd a source witch is unknown for today and found the following : As he looked at his screen he saw a sereen and bright light shining upon his mind. His mind was slowly pulled to the screen and through it. He had enterd the heaven of all information. Thougts , idea’s everything floated by. He reached out to a bit of information and as his hand slided through it his mind was filled with this new information , he had reached heaven. The answers to all questions that had ever existed in his mind will be answerd here. Even now his mind flowes through the telephone lines crossing contenents with the speed of light. The Prophecy

The Prophecy