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Verschil NAV2001 en NAV2002?

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  • Wat biedt NAV2002 meer dan NAV2001?
  • Als ik op de website kijk zie ik het volgende:

    [quote:67e8b4de9e]Key Features

    NEW! Automatic removal of many viruses lets you work without interruption.

    NEW! Script Blocking detects script-based threats such as the "I Love You" and "Anna Kournikova" viruses, even before new virus definitions are created for them.

    NEW! Scans and cleans outgoing email messages to prevent sending infected files from your PC.

    NEW! Integration with Windows Explorer lets you use many common Norton AntiVirus functions from the Explorer menus for easy access.

    NEW! Built-in links take you directly to the Symantec Security Response Web site (formerly known as Symantec AntiVirus Research Center) for additional information on specific viruses just when you need it most.

    Includes Norton AntiVirus 2001 for Windows 95 B users.

    Automatic LiveUpdate checks for and installs new virus definitions when you're connected to the Internet to keep your system updated against the latest viruses*.

    Automatically scans email messages and attachments in standard POP3 clients, including Microsoft® Outlook®, Eudora®, and Netscape® Mail.

    Protects against viruses, Trojan horses, and malicious ActiveX® code and Java™ applets, even in compressed files.

    Quarantine feature isolates infected files in a protected area of your hard disk until they can be repaired.

    Scan and Deliver wizard makes it easy to send infected files to Symantec Security Response experts for analysis.

    Dus een aantal nieuwe zaken (aangeduid met NEW)…
  • Nou de verschillen weet ik niet zo precies als hierboven, echter XP vroeg wel om de 2002 versie bij mij.

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