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SPYWARE! (?) @fastclick[1]text

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  • Vrijwel elke keer als ik Adaware gebruik kom ik maar 1 bestandje tegen en dat is C:Documents and Settings\cookies@fastclick[1]text

    In het textdocument staat:


    Het is duidelijk een cookie, maar een cookie dat spyware bevat…en als enige wordt aangemerkt in Adaware…

    [b:a44058e70a]Wat is dat?[/b:a44058e70a]
  • [quote:65e9c7722c]FastClick.net Spyware Cookie

    A spyware cookie. Cookie is used to track unique visitors to many different sites, and their "preferences."
    Category: Spyware/Trackware.
    Information Collected:

    May collect info on Referrers (HTTP Referrers, Top-level Domains, Search Engines, Keywords, Quality Index, Frequency Index, Newsgroup Referrers, and E-mail Referrers), Visitor statistics (Major ISPs, Hostnames, Browsers, OSes, Countries, Timezones, Plug-Ins, Screens, Colors, Java, and JavaScript), and more.

    [i:65e9c7722c]"Member information collected includes personally identifiable information that is necessary to conduct business, such as name, phone number, and email address. Payments made to and from Fastclick require the collection of personally identifiable information that may include credit card numbers and bank account information. Phone numbers may be used to contact Members for sales or inventory acquisition purposes. All Member information is collected, modified and stored in a password protected environment. This information is used for service, media delivery, contact, billing and accounts payable purposes. We will not sell, share, or rent this information to others. All Member information collection is explicit, voluntary, manually entered by the Member, and can be opted-out. Fastclick will never share information about you without your permission. Cookies are used to simplify Member login and to facilitate secure navigation through the password protected areas of the website. Members who choose to reject all cookies may have difficulty navigating the password protected areas of the website depending on the nature of their connection (dynamic IP, proxy server, etc.)"[/i:65e9c7722c]
    Privacy Policy: http://www.fastclick.com/about/privacy.html
    Vendor: http://www.fastclick.com/
    Detection: PestPatrol detects this pest.
    Removal: PestPatrol removes this pest.
    More Info:

    * About Cookies
    * About Spyware
    * Blocking Ads

    Van http://www.google.nl/search?q=cache:trZ-bjLr7REC:www.safersite.com/PestInfo/F/FastClick.net_Spyware_Cookie.asp+spyware+fastclick&hl=nl&ie=UTF-8 (google's cache van http://www.safersite.com/PestInfo/F/FastClick.net_Spyware_Cookie.asp.
  • Lees ook eens hier: http://www.dslnuts.com/security.shtml het onderste stuk over restricted sites.

  • [b:bd2c3128e1]Dank je. Die addy-lijst op de pagina van de link va Metallica heb ik meteen gecopieerd en in mijn lijst gezet.[/b:bd2c3128e1]

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