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Call of Duty patch 1.3 is uit

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    Hier staat de 1.3 windows patch, de linux update server patch en de full linux server file.

    2 Nieuwe maps voor multiplayer.
    Veel fixes te veel om op te noemen.
  • [quote:1ec6e23c96]

    - Added two new multiplayer maps, Bocage and Neuville. Both of these maps support all current game types:


    The Normandy terrain provides a natural advantage to the defender. Between the Orne and Vire Rivers is fifty miles of bocage; small fields surrounded by high earthen banks overgrown with shrubbery. Visibility is limited to one field at a time and the bushes provide cover from air and ground reconnaissance, making for superior defensive terrain. Each field is a death trap, earned with a hard fought series of firefights. The breadth of terrain and varied tactical scenarios make this the perfect setting for the “Headquarters” game type. When the attacks come from every direction, both teams will be put to the test.


    Neuville represents a destroyed town in Normandy, reduced to rubble amidst close combat between U.S. Airborne units and battle-hardened Waffen SS troops. Soldiers can find ample cover amidst the piles of rubble and massive shell craters. The environment is primarily designed for the “Search and Destroy” game type and provides a greater spread of attacking and flanking routes. This keeps defenders on their toes, and prevents attackers from being completely pinned down at narrow chokepoints.


    - Radios for Headquarters made non-solid, to fix a potential exploit.
    - Improved server load in Headquarters spawning by making reinforcements spawn over multiple server frames rather than just one. This will create less lag when reinforcements spawn.
    - Headquarters now has a five second grace period. If you spawn and die then you get to respawn immediately. (farther away so you are not as likely to die again)
    - Fixed the bomb ticking sound not always working in “Search & Destroy.”


    - Fixed an exploit where prone players who leaned around corners could see the enemy without being seen.
    - Fixed an exploit where players could switch between prone and jumping positions to move rapidly across a map.
    - Fixed a bug with the sway animation of the sniper rifle scope on high ping servers.
    - Fixed an exploit where people could get extra grenades in “Search & Destroy” and “Retrieval.”
    - Fixed an exploit where reload animations could be skipped, decreasing reload times.
    - Fixed the bullet path of the PPSh and Sten in Aim Down The Sight mode.
    - Fixed a bug where players in all areas of the map heard the “click” of an empty weapon.
    - Fixed several minor animation bugs related to stance, leaning, jumping, etc.


    - Fixed a slow update problem with the server list.
    - Fixed a problem where the server list would improperly list servers with a ping of "1."
    - Fixed an issue with the server list being incomplete under certain circumstances.
    - When sorting the server list by a key other than ping, all entries of the same key are sorted by ping, instead of being random.
    - Fixed server determination of which clients require authorization. (This corrects the issue where some Internet players received a GUID of 0)
    - Autobalance was updated to prevent players from joining a team if this action would cause that team to be unbalanced.
    - Setting scr_teambalance to any number greater than 0 will balance teams to within that number of players, for example, 'scr_teambalance 2' balances the teams within 2 players. (8 vs 10 is ok, but 8 vs 11 is not)
    - True spectators (not dead players) are no longer restricted by the freelook cvar. They can always freelook.
    - If you are spectating a player (through their eyes) and you go into freelook, your view is no longer capped to the 180-degree arc of the ladder.
    - Removed the ‘weapon’ command.
    - Increased the max cfg file that can be executed to 64K from 16K.
    - Unknown commands in the server console now do not print to all clients. A say command is now required.
    - Fixed an issue where rcon status would occasionally not show all of the players on a server.
    - Fixed an issue on some ATI cards that would cause water to render improperly. (also affects Single Player)
    - Fixed an issue where too many custom pak files (maps or mods) would cause the “Pak Sum / Name Mismatch” error. (Also affects Single Player)
    - As an added security feature, your CD key will no longer be displayed in the Multiplayer Options menu.
    - Fixed not being able to immediately climb on a ladder after landing from a jump.
    - The "screenshot,” "screenshotJPEG,” and "record" console commands no longer overwrite existing files.
    - Cheat protected r_intensity.
    - Fixed player pings in the scoreboard. Previously if you were spectating someone, your displayed ping was for the person you were spectating.
    - Fixed a rare case of player stacking in multiplayer.
    - The Weapon, Item, say, sayteam, and tell log prints now include client guid, id, and name. (This will be useful for logging stats by actual player GUID, rather than by player name)[/quote:1ec6e23c96]

    Zeker de moeite waard, al was het alleen al vanwege die 2 extra maps. Wel jammer dat Punkbuster support niet is toegevoegd, dit was in eerste instantie wel beloofd.
  • Geen punkbuster :-? vreemd das toch 1 van de dingen die je erin doet om cheaten tegen te gaan?
  • [quote:3a4ac802bb="hellraiser2003"]Geen punkbuster :-? vreemd das toch 1 van de dingen die je erin doet om cheaten tegen te gaan?[/quote:3a4ac802bb]

    het klote spel werkt nog steeds nie bij mij :P (al 2 weken in de techt support :-? )
  • update zeker aan te raden…wat een topmap die neuville
  • Ik heb hem er ook in……..

    Het is echt de moeite waard…..En die punkbuster zou nog komen.. :lol:

  • Ja is wel mooi. Maar wel rennen.
  • Nog geen Punk Buster! :evil:
    Wat een gemiste kans…

    Cod servers worden overspoeld door cheaters.. Je wordt er echt helemaal :o gek van..

    Uiteraard wel ge-upgrade; blijft een wereldgame!! :P

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