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Adrenaline in UT 2004

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  • Kan iemand mij vertellen wat je met adrenaline kan?
    ik ben van UT (orginele) naar UT 2004 gegaan en kom dat nu tegen.
    wat kan je er mee en hoe gebruik je het?
    In de handleiding kom ik er weinig over tegen
  • Speed - Key Combination: Forward, Forward, Forward, Forward. Speed gives your player an extra burst of –you guessed it– speed! This is a particularly effective for players running the flag in CTF or ball carriers heading in for a goal in Bombing Run.

    Berserk - Key Combination: Forward Forward, Back, Back. Berserk the rate of fire of your weapons making the more deadly. For instance, the link gun will fire plasma burst more quickly as well as the mingun firing more rounds per second. Combine Berserk and the Double Damage powerup to make yourself a short term killing machine.

    Booster (Regeneration) - Key Combination: Back, Back, Back, Back. Booster keeps building your health up to the max of 199. Once your health hits 199, it will start to build your shields up to a maximum of 150. This can help you stay alive in medium range moderately fierce firefight, but it doesn't regenerate your health fast enough to keep you from biting the dust from an enemy's well placed spread of rockets or a headshot with the lightning gun.

    Invisibility - Key Combination: Right, Right, Left, Left . Pretty self explanatory. Makes you invisible as long as the adrenaline lasts.

    van: http://ut2k3.net/powerups.php
  • Op www.gamefaqs.com kan je ook vaak oplossingen vinden.

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