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EARTH 2160

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  • Er is weer wat nieuws over earth 2160. Topware is overgenomen en er is een nieuwe site: www.earth2160.com

    Release Date: Q4 2004


    4 playable parties with different basic technologies and abilities
    Each party consists of more than 13 basic buildings and more than 13 basic units
    Various enemy races, special units and NPC's
    4 single player campaigns, each with 7 missions.
    Skirmish mode with 10 maps
    4 Multiplayer modes with 10 maps
    Multiplayer game saves and joining of running matches
    EarthNetTM Server with ladder and league support
    Modular Unit construction system. Each unit can be created from modular parts: chassis, armour, engine, boosters, cannons (up to 8 cannons), shield generator and modulation of particle weapons and shields. The number of different unit configurations is uncountable
    Units can be stored inside hangars. Hangars can be abandoned quickly to surprise an enemy.
    Units can be produced directly in hangars.
    Realistic, formable multiple textured terrain
    All cut scenes are displayed by the game engine and rendered in real time
    Holographic, transparent interface without the classic panel
    Multiple Window Cam display with first person view
    Main menu with story driven cut scenes (rendered on the fly) in the background.
    12 virtual agents. These special characters have strong personalities and a great influence on the game. Each agent has special abilities. There are 20 ability categories for the agents.
    The economy is based on 3 main material types: water, metal and silicon. For each material there are 3 different sources. Metal types vary on the different maps. Color, HP, speed and armour of the units depend on the metal used. Number of all material sources is 18 (3 for water, 3 for silicon and 12 for metal).
    Multiplayer matches for up to 8 players per match
    "Save game" available in multiplayer.
    Possibility to connect to a running game.
    MP Spectator mode, Replays
    4 game modes for multiplayer games.
    Possibility to join an AI player in multiplayer games
    E2160 World editor as an external program
    Per Pixel Shader 1.0, 1.2, 2.0 and 3.0 native support
    EarthC (programming language) SDK for Mod teams
    Full Unicode support

    The Soundtrack:
    The rich musical score consists of 29 dynamically varying tracks,
    recorded and mixed with the latest Dolby Digital 5.1 technology.

    ED (Eurasian Dynasty) - after the destruction of the EARTH, the leaders of the Eurasian Dynasty escaped on board an evacuation fleet. Now they are fighting for the survival of the human species. Their base is one large building comprising of smaller variable parts.
    LC (Lunar Corporation) - This peace loving Matriarchal society has to fight to find a new base and home after the destruction of the Earth. LC buildings are built one on top of the other, similar to a skyscraper, but with one big difference. They have the ability to defy all the laws of gravity to move quickly to a new location.
    UCS (United Civilized States) - these machines evolved from the UCS battle machines. During the long flight to Mars, the computer decided to kill all human survivors and then initiated a plan to conquer the Solar system with its own mechanical army.
    Aliens - alien renegades were imprisoned a long ago, deep in the unknown history of Mars. In 2160 landing UCS ships awoke them from their deanimation. Now they are trying to escape their prison and to establish new bases in the solar system.

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    Al is deze game maar de helft van wat het orgineel was dan nog is het een topper :D
  • Ziet er in ieder geval erg goed uit!
  • Ja lijkt mij ook wel een vrij relaxte game!!!
  • wow check die ingame trailer :o Ze waren altijd al goed om met weinig kracht veel grapgics weer te geven maar zo te zien hebben ze zichzelf weer overtroffen.
  • http://www.insideearth.de/index.php?act=download&file=39

    89 mb
  • Doet me denken aan toen ik nog Total Annihilation deed. Alleen nu wat mooier en 3d :P
  • hij komt dichterbij, check de previeuw

  • Ok hij komt eraan en ik heb hem al even mogen spelen :D

    check [img:98afb158ad]http://img381.imageshack.us/img381/4949/earth216013op.th.jpg[/img:98afb158ad]

    Erg mooi, (helaas max 1024 op imageshack) en leuk dat je veel gebouwen vast moet zetten op bepaalde plaatsen aan je hoofdkwartier (je zit op mars) grondstof is onder andere water.
  • Ik heb gelezen in de Duitse PC Games dat dit spel een vreselijke lag heeft in multiplayer zelfs zo erg dat het spel niet meer sinchroon loopt als je het een tijdje hebt gespeelt. Zelfs met twee patches was dat probleem nog niet opgelost.
    Over de single player waren ze overigens laiend enthousiast.

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