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Nieuwe NWO multiplay beta is uit!

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  • [quote:ea724ccdec]NEW WORLD ORDER MP BETA 2.0. OUT NOW

    Project Three today announced it has released the New World Order public multiplayer beta-test version 2.0. It is a much-improved version of the original public MP beta-test, which was released at June 1st. The version 2.0. can be downloaded here.

    Lead programmer Jim Malmros said: "First of all I want to thank all the fans for their useful feedback on the MP beta 1.0 version. You guys have really contributed to the progress we have made the last two months. We can honestly say all issues have now been tackled and this version 2.0. will rock !! Go and take a look, your next-gen online shooting havoc is only a download away… See you online."[/quote:ea724ccdec]Source: New World Order.nl
  • Shit, ik ben meer geinteresseerd in de single-player-versie. :(
  • MP is toch veel leuker ? ;)

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