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[UT2003] Deathball : de eerste mod ...

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  • Wat is het ?
    Bombingrun zonder wapens (je kunt eigenlijk alleen diegene met de bal doden met je shieldgun) op een voetbalveld-achtig level …
    Lees de site voor meer info.

    De bots kennen het spel nog niet echt goed, maar het is toch al vrij grappig om te spelen.

    site : http://planetunreal.com/teamvortex/db/
    grootte : +/- 2 Mb
  • Versie 1.1 is er met de volgende aanpassingen :
    Fix List:
    -You can now 'volley-shoot' the ball. That means, push the ball with the shieldgun a moment before you get it. When you got it, it's too late. It will be shot into the direction that you are facing.

    -No more double goal.

    -New Pass system (2nd fire); homing mode turned off, It's now a through ball which predicts the players movement (just like in Fifa). It will totally miss him if he doesn't keep on running at the same speed in the same direction.

    -You can now run from your own half into the other goal. It was considered as 'long shot' in 1.0.

    -No more crashes when playing with bots.

    -When the player (you) has the ball, its now shown in the hud. In the previous versions it was just a yellow dot, no matter if you got the ball or not.

    -New scoring system:

    1 point for a frag

    2 for fragging the ballowner

    3 for a goal

    1 for playing a successfull pass

    1 for intercept an enemy pass

    -5 for owngoal

    5 for catching a ball as keeper

    -Whistle sounds instead of "ball reset" voice.

    -No more announcer in 'celebrating phase' after goal.

    -Weaponchange time decreased from 0.3 secs to 0.05s

    -Shieldgun fire now removes 60 healthpoints

    -You recover 1healthpoint per second if health is lower than 100 (Customizable)

    -Ball now has a trail (in teamcolor) when ball is shot. So you can see if a ball is shot or passed. (Doesn't always work online and the trail is not at the ball often)

    -Toxeen made us jingles, which are played after scoring.

    -Dynamic Crowd sounds in DB-Cube (the word 0wnage doesn't do this justice, it simply F0wnz!!)

    -Shieldgun damage field increased from 50 to 65 (radius)

    -Bot's goalshots are now deadly, they hardly miss the goal.

    -Bot's don't shoot from own half if long shots are disabled.

    -Keeper beacon (arrow on head) now is darker.

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