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[UT2003] Deathball 1.2 is er ...

Het is nu een heel stuk groter (+/- 17.6 Mb) maar er is nu een announcer (van Epic) en een paar extra maps zodat je niet meer alleen maar 'DB-Cube' hoeft te spelen. link : http://planetunreal.com/teamvortex/db/ features : [quote:c322792ed5] V1.2 Gameplay: -Passing routine now ignores z velocity (when you were jumping while someone passed you a ball it was shot in the sky, because it predicted your upwards movement, this is fixed with that). -It's changed how the pass target is selected. It's now the player which is closest to the crosshair. It's not any more based on distance. -As player without ball you only take normal damage in enemy penalty zone (60) instead of instant kill. -Now victims position matters, not killer position in penalty zone. That means you cannot be killed if you are close to the penalty zone. Only if you are actually inside. -Volleyshot: In 1.1 a speed of 600 was added to the current one. Now the speed after volleyshot is constant at 2000. -Volleyshot2: Hitradius reduced (from 300 to 235) so people don't spam around with that one. -Volleyshot3: Latency added. Enemies can only kick the ball 0.6 seconds after it was shot. Friends can always kick it. -You can not any more get up to the fence and walk around on the 'gallery' in the cube maps. -Ball Laucher charge up time reduced from 1.5 seconds to 1.25 seconds. -Goals in DB-Cube now football style, not any more in the field like in icehockey. Other stuff: -New announcer, big thx to Epic Games who hired the voice actors and produced that stuff! (Tho some of the announcer voices are not added yet; and the player voice packs aren't added at all) -Celebrating phase after goal is now longer (14 secs) otherwise there would not be enough room for the announcer stuff, you know, he says the score and some other stuff like 'blue team increased their league'; 'new round in...' etc, I hope it's not too annoying on small maps where you score all the time. -New map added by Mclane, DB-Tribun for 8-12 players -New map added by Redfox (& DavidM), DB-Legofan for 6-10 players -Keeper only gets 4 points for catching ball (5 before). -Fixed maplist bug (<TNSe> those who saw the bug will know what it is :P) -Fontcolor of blue team changed to a brighter blue because it was too hard to read. -Added 2nd radar in the middle of the screen that shows players and ball in a radius of 1536 units around you. It also shows the goal posts to help Keepers. (all customizable) -DB does not any more remove the announcer in other gametypes. -Adrenaline Count removed from HUD. -You get a 'Catch the ball!' text shown when somebody is passing it to you. -Keeper name of own team shown in Hud. -Locations in playerlist shown in at least DB-Cube, DB-SmallCube and DB-Legofan. Writing this I notice that I didn't check DB-Tribun for it :) -Added clock to Hud -New goal meshes made by Tonnberry //-If a player has 2 more goals than owngoals he gets kicked from server (because some idiots join servers just to make owngoals...) (not added; next version, folks) -Epic's/DE's Hattrick definition fixed (one player makes 3 goals in a row without anyone else scoring inbetween). -No more goalkeeper timer in celebrating phase. -Mapping guide updated. -Goal Crowd sound in DB-Cube now also plays on Dedicated servers. [/quote:c322792ed5]