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[UT2003] Patch 2199 is officieel gereleased !

Link voor deze +/- 12 Mb download is o.a. : http://www.3dgamers.com/games/unrealtourn2/ [quote:169aaa5f3d] [b:169aaa5f3d]CHANGE LIST in v2199:[/b:169aaa5f3d] GamePlay: - Ambient weapon sounds (like minigun) aren't affected by level ambient sound volume changes. - fixed translocator trail effect sometimes not working at start of game - fixed blue translocator trail [b:169aaa5f3d]- enabled weather effects on DE bonus pack maps[/b:169aaa5f3d] - made weapon ammo bars more visible on HUD [b:169aaa5f3d]- terrain collision bug fix (this fixes the holes on CTF-Citadel and BR-Anubis)[/b:169aaa5f3d] - fixed Geothermal red flag base pipe hole - fixed personal weapon stats for zoom instagib. - fixed BR ball getting stuck in BR-TwinTombs - fixed shark skin in multiplayer (DM-Oceanic) - allow players to join chosen team even if its filled with bots - fixed switchtolastweapon not working properly with link, lightning, and painter - Made minigun and link "lock-down" effect configurable (server-side). To change the effect, you will need to add the following lines to your UT2003.ini file, in the [xGame.xDeathmatch] section: MinigunLockDownFactor=1.0 LinkLockDownFactor=1.0 The default is 1.0. A value of 0 = no momentum imparted, so no lockdown. This is visible in the game rules (in the server browser, or when pressing F2). - added ability to turn off translocator switching back to previous weapon if fire is pressed while alt-fire still held down. To change, add the following section to your user.ini file: [XWeapons.Translauncher] bPrevWeaponSwitch=false Spectating: - Added setspectatespeed exec function, which allows you to change the speed at which spectator moves on the fly. Default speed is 600. - improved spectating switching between viewed players - switching between viewed players doesn't lose behindview setting - added player names and beacons to spectator view. Can be hidden by adding the line bHideSpectatorBeacons=true to the [Engine.PlayerController] section of your UT2003.ini. - don't show "now viewing" at resolutions < 640x480 - added viewed player name to first person HUD. Mod support: - Fixed AddIni command for updating ini files by patches and umods. - fixed a problem with ReviewJumpSpots on some levels. (ReviewJumpSpots is used to verify that bots can use the Jumpspots as they are currently placed and flagged). - Modified Speech Binder and Controls config to be more flexible Networking/Servers: - reduced cheat protection false positives - stats work for servers with bots (bots not included in stats) - fixed: tournament mode can be configured from ut2003.ini - removed log spam when players join using model not on server - fixed bots balancing servers - Fixed performance issue with ElecFields on dedicated servers - Fixed challenge/response mechanism to prevent fake players - String memory allocation server crash fix. - Remove \'s before returning player and server name in GameSpy query - Disable echo replies in GameSpy query - Fixed nametable overflow crash for hacked package files - Fixed unreal:// URL overflow crash - Limit number of successful connections from a single IP per minute. Configured by these settings (default values): [IpDrv.TcpNetDriver] MaxConnPerIPPerMinute=5 LogMaxConnPerIPPerMin=False Webadmin: - Removed config keyword from QueryHandlers variable declaration - Added server name to browser title bar in webadmin - Fixed CurrentGame maplist select not auto-selecting the currently playing map in webadmin - Fixed mutator sorting on Mutators page in webadmin - Added more support for skinning webadmin - Fixed sorting on Player List page - Fixed Player List page display for specs - Added support for banning/unbanning by ID to webadmin (hash appears in Player List & Banned IPs) - Fixed display problem with mutators that do not have configured groups - Added checks to IPPlayer page for invalid IP addresses in ban list - Completed localization support for webadmin - Added security level listing to Rules/Settings pages (master admin will see associated security level for each setting) Demo Recording: - fixed ability to fire while viewing client-side demos - fixed ping on scoreboard of client-side demos - fixed client-side demo playback speed problem - fixed various weapon effects (bullet hits, link beam) with client-side demos - fixed client-side demo playback jerkiness Menus/Interface: - fixed problem with changing weapon bindings key for shock rifle and bio rifle from menus - [b:169aaa5f3d]added icons to server browser, showing if servers are passworded, have stats support, are latest version, are running any mutators, or are running instagib.[/b:169aaa5f3d] - Properly disconnect from server when getting back to the main menu - Fixed the Password entry dialog to convert " ", "?" and "\" to "_" - Fixed stats dialogue to auto-select "enable stats" when you first connect to a stats server Other: - Fix for longer loading times experienced by some users with 2186 - Karma Physics: Make SSE do the same thing on AMD and Intel processors. - Fix bug with sphere-convex contact generation (eg. driving on blocking volumes) [/quote:169aaa5f3d]