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Ati Radeon 5770 clock frequentie klopt niet ?

Hey allen! Ik heb me geregistreerd bij deze forum omdat ik echt ten einde raad ben. Ik heb dit probleem al eerder op een engelse forum neer gezet daarom heb ik ff kopieeren plakken gedaan. Ik hoop dat jullie wel mij hiermee kunnen helpen probleem is als volgt (engels) : i previously had the card Ati Radeon 4670 1gb. After 3 years i decided to catch up a bit with computers aswell because i gained problems with counterstrike. I first had with the old card 300 fps constant, but it slowly decreased by the months and years. But now i recently bought myself a Radeon EAH5770 CUcore/G/2DI,1G video card. The problems is, i am having less fps, then i've had with the old card with counterstrike!!! So i took a look at my card specs inside the ati catilyst and home everest, and both showed me that my memorie clock speed was running on 300 mhz! and my gpu clock on 167!! and as i looked up the specs on the internet (also reason why i bought it aswell) it told me that this card has a memory clockspeed of 4800 mhz... so thats a huuuuuge difference, and the gpu clock should be 850. And i overclocked my processor from 3.0 to 3.6 which became possible because somehow the memory inside the pc got downclocked from 800 to 667 which allowed me to overclock, since the memorie speed follows up with the FSB. And i have a MSI board if anyone wanted to know. To make it easier for you guys to take a look at it i made a screenie of my specs of the video card from everest (it is in dutch but it is possiblr to see what it says and geheugen = memory) : http://img593.imageshack.us/f/picture1vv.jpg/ So with all this am completely confused. This also was stated on my older card which did not run on the clock speed as it shouldve. Now i am wondering two things : 1. Why is this card performing way less then it should be, especially compared to my old card which was crap as hell. 2. Does ATI lies about the actuall speed of you card, considering the fact every website who gives specs about the card, claims it has the above mentioned clock speed. (GMclock 4800 and GPU clock 850). en misschien is me voeding niet sterk genoeg om me kaart niet volledige te laten draaien maar dat lijkt me sterk. Hij is maar 350 of 400, maar meestal functioneert de kaart dan gewoon helemaal niet. Maar ik hoop dat jullie mij wel kunnen helpen want ik ben ten einde raad. Alvast heel erg bedankt!:) Greetingz, a-jay