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Weer nieuwe detonators 27.10

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  • Zag het op GoT. http://www.tweakers.net/meuktracker/1561
  • Heb je ze ook al getest Slashhead?
  • Neej vanavond pas. Ik moet nu net doen of ik aan het werk ben :grin:
  • [quote:a857132ee6]Neej vanavond pas. Ik moet nu net doen of ik aan het werk ben[/quote:a857132ee6]Wanneer je daar advies voor nodig hebt, moet je HJS effe vragen. Die weet er namelijk alles van. Van hem heb ik het ook mogen leren :smile:
  • En dat in een draad waar ik toch niet kijk normaal gesproken. Gluiperd is die VTec
  • [quote:d99df0d779] Op 2002-01-23 13:10, schreef hjs: En dat in een draad waar ik toch niet kijk normaal gesproken. Gluiperd is die VTec [/quote:d99df0d779]Mmm, ik meende dat ik je in elke draad wel voor gek zette :smile:
  • Ter info:[quote:f97d080b15]The drivers also contain several new OpenGL extensions and product codes. They confirm many theories floating about the web.[/quote:f97d080b15] En speciaal voor de modem gebruikers: [img:f97d080b15]http://members.home.nl/mws/temp/nview1.gif[/img:f97d080b15] [img:f97d080b15]http://members.home.nl/mws/temp/nview2.gif[/img:f97d080b15] [img:f97d080b15]http://members.home.nl/mws/temp/nview3.gif[/img:f97d080b15] [img:f97d080b15]http://members.home.nl/mws/temp/nview4.gif[/img:f97d080b15] _________________ Go Through Your Heart Shakra Into Your Cave, And Find Your [url=http://www.anandtech.com/mysystemrig.html?rigid=3925]Power[/url] Animal <font size=-1>[ Dit Bericht is bewerkt door: VTec op 2002-01-23 14:10 ]</font>
  • VTec heb jij'm al? ik kan die site niet bereiken, kun je'm ff hosten?
  • die site van 3dchipset is over belast. ik heb wel een spiegeltje voor de 27.10 win2K/xp drivers: [url=http://www.warp2search.net/download.php?op=getit&amp;lid=166]Spiegeltje 27.10[/url] en hier een voor de 27.00 win2K/XP: [url=http://www.warp2search.net/download.php?op=getit&amp;lid=165]Spiegeltje 27.00[/url] ook leuk: [quote:5ab79e2440]Ok, now to some details about this driver. It is a (27.00) nVidia detonator driver for Windows 2000 and XP only dated 12/19/2001. Consider it unofficial and beta and thus install it @ your own risk! Now to other details. I have tested the driver on my Geforce3 in Windows XP in Direct3D and OpenGL and this is what I noticed: Better image quality in D3D and OpenGL over 23.11 drivers a bit faster FSAA performance over 23.11 drivers new OpenGL ICD version 1.3.1 (as opposed to 1.3.0 in 23.11)[/quote:5ab79e2440] [quote:5ab79e2440]I've tested these new 2 drivers against: 22.40, 23.10 &amp; 23.11 The PC i tested these drivers on was a: AMD Athlon 1333Mhz (non overclocked) MSI K7T Turbo (KT133A chipset) 256 MB RAM ECC VisionTek GeForce 3 (overclocked at 235/535) Microsoft Windows XP Professional VIA Drivers 4.37 &amp; VIA AGP Driver 4.10 DirectX 8.1 These are the settings i used. All the settings were default except: Vsync = Off Monitor = 75Hrz (only on 27.10 i used 60Hrz because 3DMark2001 would not run under 75Hrz) And here are the scores: 22.40 = 6545 23.10 = 6541 23.11 = [b:5ab79e2440]6549[/b:5ab79e2440] 27.00 = 6479 27.10 = 6336 So you see the new detonators are much lower!! The Nature Test was very bad!! Normal i get over 30FPS but with the 27.10 i was under 30FPS. I thought maybe if i could turn off &quot;nView&quot; but that didn't change the score (it was even lower with few points) And the new detonator are very unstable on my system, it crashed and freezed allot. So i'm gonna back to 23.10 those are the most stable one's for me. [b:5ab79e2440](but every computer is different, so maybe on other computers they work good)[/b:5ab79e2440][/quote:5ab79e2440] [url=http://www.warp2search.net/article.php?sid=2441&amp;mode=thread&amp;order=0]BRON[/url] _________________ Dit is mijn: [url=http://www.anandtech.com/mysystemrig.html?id=15519]Systeem[/url]--[url=http://gamershq.madonion.com/compare.shtml?2229973]3Dmark2000[/url]-- [url=http://gamershq.madonion.com/compare2k1.shtml?2143036]3Dmark2001[/url] <font size=-1>[ Dit Bericht is bewerkt door: GeForce Mike op 2002-01-23 19:11 ]</font>
  • [quote:dfbd51be75] Op , schreef Slashhead: VTec heb jij'm al? ik kan die site niet bereiken, kun je'm ff hosten? [/quote:dfbd51be75]Sorry, te laat gelezen + had ik hem zelf nog niet :smile:
  • Heb'm al van Guru3D
  • Various &quot;hidden&quot; control panels in the beta 27.10 Detonator drivers: [img:e817d52d68]http://members.home.nl/mws/temp/nvidia1.gif[/img:e817d52d68] [img:e817d52d68]http://members.home.nl/mws/temp/nvidia2.gif[/img:e817d52d68] [img:e817d52d68]http://members.home.nl/mws/temp/nvidia3.gif[/img:e817d52d68] [img:e817d52d68]http://members.home.nl/mws/temp/nvidia4.gif[/img:e817d52d68]
  • Hey, welke file is dat. Die nView had ik wel gevonden maar wat is dit?
  • [quote:9e1ba1488c] Op 24-01-2002 16:11, schreef Slashhead: Hey, welke file is dat. Die nView had ik wel gevonden maar wat is dit? [/quote:9e1ba1488c]Kwam ik via [url=http://www.nvnews.net/]nVnews[/url] tegen:[quote:9e1ba1488c]Stephen Towner sent me these shots of hidden dialog boxes in the Detonator 27.10 drivers that he dug up using Resource Hacker. I'll let you see what he said: Quote:I’ve just been trying out the new 27.10 drivers. So far, so good! They’ve got loads of new features and I’m still messing round with them. Definitely give them a try Anyway, I though I’d take an in depth look at them – and I was a little surprised with what I found! Take a peek at the attached images. They are all 100% genuine. I used a program called ‘Resource Hacker’ which is used to make Windows XP logon skins. There seems to be loads of features that NVIDIA must be testing but just haven’t enabled yet. I’ve only attached 4 but there are other bits and bobs.[/quote:9e1ba1488c]
  • Ik zie dat er ook nieuwe FSAA instelingen zijn op die tabbladen. NV17/NV25?? Deze drivers zijn dus klaar voor de GeForce 4 mag ik concluderen. Ik heb overigens in WIndows XP me eerst GeForce 3 driver crash gehad. Gewoon toen ik in me dekstop bezig was. dus stabiel zijn ze nog niet. Ik laat ze er voorlopig nog opstaan, kon gister wel 4 uur MOHAA spelen zonder problemen.
  • Hmmm, ik zal ze vanavond ook nog wel even proberen, is kijken hoe de resultaten onder Win98 SE zijn. Als het geen verbetering opleverd, dan toch maar weer terug naar 23.11
  • [quote:c20b534f76]Robert sent us a registry entry file which enables certain hidden features (see earlier story) for the leaked 27.10 Detonator drivers. The registry update enabled the popular &quot;Clock Frequencies&quot; panel, and added the &quot;Hardware Options&quot; and &quot;Display Orientation&quot; panels on his GeForce3 Ti 200. Click here to [url=http://www.nvnews.net/files/utilities/nvctrl.reg]grab[/url] it. The &quot;Hardware Options&quot; panel displays your AGP settings, while the &quot;Display Orientation&quot; panel should allow rotating the display. However, this feature doesn't work too well yet, as it does not rotate the mouse pointer movement and drops out of that mode quite often. MikeC: The registry entry in your system may differ from those found in the file depending on the OS. Normally, the first two entries should work fine. It's the last three that may require a different registry key. For example a visitor sent in an e-mail stating that the key needed to be changed from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesnvDevice0] to [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlVideo{CFF0CEA2-5C99-46A7-80F9-0718C6194DFD}000] under the professional version of Windows XP.[/quote:c20b534f76]Source: [url=http://www.nvnews.net/#1012007126]nV News[/url] <font size=-1>[ Dit Bericht is bewerkt door: VTec op 2002-01-25 10:03 ]</font>
  • Hey thnx da's handig
  • Ik gebruik nu weer andere drivers ik heb van http://www.maxreboot.com gemodde 27.10 drivers gedownload en geinstaleerd. Het gaat om de 27.10 drivers die speciaal zijn gewijzigd voor ASUS videokaarten. [quote:e463b39197]Just in case you didn't realize this yet, Brandon from Techno-Garb has finished modding the latest 27.00 and 27.10 (Win2k/XP only) drivers so that they support all Asus features just like the official 21.83 Asus drivers.[b:e463b39197]May I remind you though that these 27.00 and 27.10 drivers are unofficial and unsupported by Asus so if you use them, its add your own risk[/b:e463b39197][/quote:e463b39197] tot nu toe nog geen problemen ondevonden met deze drivers. Download ze hier: [url=http://www.maxreboot.com/technogarb/local_download.php?op=chdr&amp;file=files%2FDrivers%2FTechno-Garb%20Drivers%28Unofficial%29]win2K/XP 27.10J ASUS drivers[/url]
  • Die &quot;zooi&quot; is neem ik aan ook bruikbaar voor een NVidia TNT2 M64?

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