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  • Wat is de beste manier om oude video kaart drivers te verwijderen,en dan ook echt alles zodat er niet nog wat achterblijft in hetb register.
    GRTZ en BVD.
  • THNX

    sorry had ik idd ff moeten doen,die extra info bedoel ik.
    winXPpro en ik wil upgraden van een V5-5.5 naar een Ati radeon 8500.
  • om wat voor videokaart gaat het?

    voor alle nVidia kaarten heb je namelijk soort van Detonator killer software die dat kan.

    voor andere kaarten raad ik aan oom naar veilige modes te gaan en dan drivers daar te verwijderen

  • Hier is een mailtje van ATI die ik heb opgevist in een andere posting:

    Hier staan wel wat aanwijzingen in om je register op te schonen, ook al heb je mischien geen ATI kaart maar het principe is hetzelfde.

    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for contacting ATI Technical Support.

    You can try the following if you have a PnP monitor.

    There is an option in the BIOS: "PlugnPlay OS installed", make sure that
    this is set to yes.
    Then try the following:

    Go into the standard VGA MODE.

    Delete the ATI entries in teh control panel / add remove programs.
    Do not restart yet.

    Then go to start, find file or folders on your hard drive, type ATI*.*
    Delete as many files found as possible, the more the better.

    Please be VERY careful when entering the registry and follow the
    instructions below step by step. If any other part of the registry is
    damaged in the process you may no longer be able to enter Windows and all
    personal data will be lost. Please make a back-up of your most important
    files before editing the registry.

    Then go to start, run, type regedit.
    Go to the hotkey local machine.
    You will find a folder called software, which includes one or more ATI
    folders. Delete them as well.

    Now go into the device manager and delete all display adapter entries and
    all monitor entries.
    Now restart your system.

    Windows should redetect your grafics card and ask for drivers. Cancel this

    Now download the file under:

    WINDOWS 2000
    Rage 128/128 Pro
    Rage Pro

    Rage 128/128 Pro


    Extract the file by double clicking on it, but cancel the installation as
    soon as it starts.
    Reboot your system.

    Windows again should find your ATI card and look for drivers.
    - Select "Display a list of all the drivers in a specific location, so you
    can select the driver you want."
    - Select " Show all devices ".
    - Click on " Have disk ".
    - Browse your hard drive to find the directory of the driver:
    ( could be similar to C / ATI / Support / Wxx_R128_x_xx_xxxx.exe /

    Reboot your system after the installation.
    Now Windows should redetect your monitor and look for drivers. Install a
    PlugnPlay monitor first.

    Now test the refresh rate again.

    If there is no change, install the latest driver for your monitor from the
    webpages of the manufacturer.
    Test the problem again.

    If the problem persists, let me know the following:

    - driver versions for the graphics card;
    - manufacturer/model of your monitor;
    - driver version for your monitor;
    - which service pack for windows 2000 is installed (not for xp, of course);
    - description of how the monitor is connected to the card (if you are using
    adapters, let us know).


    If that doesnt work, you can try this:

    Problem: Refresh rate is 60hz on my Desktop, Direct 3D or OpenGL.

    Installing Monitor Drivers:
    1. Right click on your desktop, and select properties.
    2. Goto the "Settings" tab.
    3. Click "Advanced"
    4. Select the "Monitor" tab.
    5. Click "Properties"
    6. Click the "Driver" tab.
    7. Click "Update Driver".
    8. Click "Next"
    9. Select "Display List of known drivers…" and click "next"
    10. Insert the driver disk that came with your monitor and click "Have Disk"
    11. Select you monitor from the list and click "next"
    12. Click "Next"
    13. A Dialog May pop up saying "Digital Signature Not Found". Click the
    "Yes" button to install the driver.
    14. Click "Finnish", close all the open windows and you're done.

    Desktop Solution:
    1. Right click on your desktop, and select properties.
    2. Goto the "Settings" tab.
    3. Click "Advanced".
    4. Click the "Attributes Tab"

    5. Select the highest resolution your monitor will run at. For me it
    1280x1024 on a 17". Select the highest refresh rate your monitor will run
    at, at 640x480.
    6. Click "Apply"
    7. Click on the "Monitor" tab.
    8. Select the refresh rate you want to run your desktop at using your
    current resolution.
    9. Click "Apply".
    10. Click "ok" to try the new refresh rate.
    11. If you can see the dialog click "Yes"
    12. If not press the escape key (Esc) and try a lower refresh rate.
    13. Click "ok" and you're done.

    Direct 3D Solution
    1. Open the Start Menu.
    2. Select "Run"
    3. Type in "dxdiag" and click "Ok"
    4. Click on the "More help" tab.
    5. Select "Override"
    6. Check "Override".
    7. Select the refresh rate you want for Direct 3D games and click "ok"
    8. Click the "Exit Button".

    Please note that we estimate a current response time of 10 days in replying
    to our customers' emails. We apologise for this delay.

    Thank you for contacting ATI.


    [b:cb73c1224f]TIP: [/b:cb73c1224f] Geef de volgende keer iets meer info om welk OS en hardware het gaat.

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