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  • Ik kwam via nVnews tegen dat er een nieuwe versie van Fraps uit is (versie 1.6). Don't know fraps ? Check this out:[quote:2a4658d284]Fraps is a tool that lets you monitor current framerates in a corner of the screen. It also allows you to easily take screenshots of games, and manually determine the average framerate between two points.

    What's new in 1.6? Well, a lot of people have been asking for OpenGL support and I finally got around to adding it in. I also recently dumped my Voodoo card and picked up a Kyro2, so I could actually check the 32-bit routines (and fix all the bugs!). This version has been in beta testing for a long time, and I'm not aware of any issues with it. Thanks to all the people who helped test it to its current state!

    In other news, a few people also asked if I had any idea why OpenGL was so slow under WindowsXP. The smart people realised that OpenGL was not running, but instead everything was running through a Direct3D wrapper. It seems that the operating system is forcing certain titles to run through Direct3D under the guise of Application Compatibilty, even when native support for OpenGL is available. As you can imagine the performance is terrible compared to what you normally get (about half speed for me).

    This version of Fraps patches the the D3D wrapper to ensure it is disabled, and everything runs through OpenGL as it should. I have noticed no glitches when running with pure OpenGL (in other words there's nothing to suggest the D3D wrapper is warranted or required). You just get a nice speed increase up to the levels you'd expect with 95/98/2K.

    It should be noted that not all OpenGL games are forced to run through Direct3D. Those that haven't been targeted through Application Compatibility do run OpenGL as normal. A popular title that has been forced to run through D3D is Quake 3 (I'd suggest downloading the demo from the activision web site to try it out). In Q3A it's easy to see if you are using the wrapper by going to the System Setup and selecting Driver Info. The screenshots below show you what you can expect without Fraps running (D3D wrapper), and with Fraps running and patching the OS (OpenGL)[/quote:2a4658d284]Vindt het HIER
  • Dat wist ik niet dat XP alles via de D3D wrapper gooide. Zal thuis eens even kijken…
  • Goed nieuws, eindelijk telt hij ook in OpenGL.

    Maar waarom zit dit progje nog niet in mijn mailbox? :wink:
  • [quote:89efbf0ecf]
    Op 30-01-2002 11:49, schreef hjs:
    Goed nieuws, eindelijk telt hij ook in OpenGL.

    Maar waarom zit dit progje nog niet in mijn mailbox? :wink:


    :wink: Sorry Generaal !!!
  • [quote:63d1b0417b]
    Op 30-01-2002 11:53, schreef VTec:

    :wink: Sorry Generaal !!!



    je weet wel van het liedje:
    het is geen sergeant
    het is geen soldaat
    het is een Kutkorperaal

  • [quote:87ca0eeb9a]

    je weet wel van het liedje:
    het is geen sergeant
    het is geen soldaat
    het is een Kutkorperaal[/quote:87ca0eeb9a]


    Go Through Your Heart Shakra Into Your Cave, And Find Your Power Animal

    [ Dit Bericht is bewerkt door: VTec op 2002-01-30 12:01 ]
  • Bedankt he. ik heb het geinstaleerd en draaien.

    wel mooi want er zijn nog best veel OpenGL games. RTCW, MOHAA bijvoorbeeld.

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