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Intel komt met Tilebased rendering

Red Dragon
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    Furthermore, the 3D part of i845G graphics core is expected to have tile based architecture and will perform at 166MHz. As to 2D abilities, the frequency of its integrated RAMDAC will hit a 350MHz bar. As reported by XbitLabs, the maximal supported resolution will get as high as 1280x1024 with 85Hz refresh rate. "Besides," the website continued, "the graphics core of i845G will support a kind of DualDisplay technology that will allow to connect different combinations of CRT, LCD and TV." It was highlighted the support of an external AGP 8x port and 400/533MHz Quad Pumped Bus and the fact that the chipset will be shipped with a new South Bridge, ICH4 - which supports USB 2.0 ports.

    Misschien moeten ze een bod doen op powerVR :wink:

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