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Geen nVidia hardware in X-Box 2?

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  • [quote:0f7a2dde42][i:0f7a2dde42]
    THOSE IN THE KNOW have seen Microsoft's final reference platform for the X-Box 2 and say that the plan appears to be to cut Nvidia out of the new equation.
    That has driven Via to heights of unparalleled ecstasy because the plucky little company now reckons it could get the whole deal - graphics chipset and CPU.

    It would have to offer Microsoft a fantastic deal to swing that particular miracle off, but Via is in the business of swinging such fantastic deals, my best friends at Vole Centrale tell me.

    Y'know what the problem is? Nvidia charges Microsoft just a little bit too much for its technology and Microsoft wants to lose just that little bit less on each X-Box it sells. More. While Via reckons it could scoop the opposition and get the graphics chipset and the CPU business, it has one major competitor in the final running and that happens to be little Canadian company ATI.

    My boy said: "That would really make Nvidia gnash its teeth - imagine the schadenfreude at ATI if it swept away with the chipset for the X-Box 2 design."

    It's always possible that Nvidia might cut its prices sufficiently to make it worth Microsoft's while. But unlikely, says the lad.

    One must never forget that La Intella can always rush in at the last minute… µ

    Dit stond bij de inquirer. Lijkt me dat nV dit vast niet zo leuk vind, het was toch een behoorlijk lucratieve deal. Eerder was er ook al nieuws dat M$ nV niet uitgenodigd had voor een aantal DX9.0 vergaderingen, dat zou ook om een centenkwestie gaan (nV wou licentiegeld hebben voor een aantal onderdelen uit DX8.1 dacht ik)

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  • De ruzie was al in een dergelijk stadium beland dat nV gedreigt had met een eigen API… Ik heb zelf erg veel verwachtingen van openGL. DirectX is blijkbaar erg bureaucratisch.
    Maar wat heeft VIA wat ATI en PowerVR niet hebben waardoor VIA genoemd wordt. Ik denk niet dat dat een beste move is om X-box 2 niet aan nVidia over te laten. Als de X-box al slaagt dan is dat niet dankzij MS maar door de hardware van nVidia en hun 3D know how. Van VIA moet ik nog zien wat ze kunnen bakken. Ze hebben volgens mij net een midrange onboardchip gereleased.
  • Pcies, daar zat ik ook al aan te denken. Het enige wat ik van hun gezien heb zijn wat van die brakke onboard VGA dingen, geen echte highend chipsets.

    Van ATI kan ik me nog wel bedenken dat ze een chip voor de XBOX uitbrengen kunnen, daar is ook zat 3D knowhow aanwezig. PowerVR ook wel, maar die richten zich ook meer op het midrange segment.
  • Ach, dit soort speculaties had je ook al met de X-BOX zelf (in het begin). nVidia heeft wel al een prijs gewonnen met de houdige X-BOX:[quote:2a8bfba83f]While NVIDIA's press releases are littered with lawsuit announcements, there is some good news to report. The Microprocessor Report has awarded the Xbox Graphics Processing Unit (XGPU) and Xbox Media Communications Processor (MCPX) as the "Best Gaming Chip Set of 2001."

    "NVIDIA engineers built the Xbox processors in a short 14 months, from the design win to the first working systems," stated Dan Vivoli, vice president of marketing at NVIDIA. "The execution of this ambitious and aggressive program is a testament to the incredible talent and execution of NVIDIA's engineering teams. We are extremely pleased to have received this recognition and we are excited to be on the leading edge of revolutionary design."

    "Microsoft's Xbox set a new standard for video game console features, quality and performance," said Peter N. Glaskowsky, a senior analyst with In- Stat/MDR. "The unified system architecture of the Xbox gave the system capabilities unmatched by the competition, such as full-time antialiased graphics, vertex and pixel shading support, real-time Dolby Digital 5.1 encode and high-definition output."[/quote:2a8bfba83f]
  • Hier is meer info over die speculaties:

    [quote:7f6f88d2d9]The Street.com is running a story in regards to the rumor that Microsoft isn't planning the use NVIDIA's technology in the next generation Xbox. According to Michael Hara, VP of Investor Relations, "it's all speculation" at this point.

    "It's all speculation," Michael Hara, Nvidia vice president of investor relations, said of Microsoft's plans for the next version of the Xbox. But he also pointed out that decisions on the next Xbox are likely to come later rather than sooner.

    Responding to a question at the Robertson Stephens technology conference, Hara suggested Microsoft is unlikely to release a new version of Xbox in the next year or two because it will take that long to recoup through royalties some of the money it is losing on the game console.

    Rumors about Nvidia losing out on the next version of Xbox began floating around last week, as Microsoft was kicking off its Xbox launch in Japan. The companies shares closed at $49.92 Friday, down 19.7% from Feb. 14, when it reported earnings. Nvidia's shares rose 7.8% Monday to close at $53.83.[/quote:7f6f88d2d9]

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