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  • Real?, is het tech van Bit Boys?!

    Dit is wat de GFX industrie nodig heeft, een wekker, die de boel wakker schudt.

    Hieronder de scoop:

    Parhelia. It has been a long time since there has been a name for anything related to Matrox that has spurred more speculation and hope than this one. The online world outside of MURC has been deaf to Parhelia, and few have really caught on there is meat to this name. I have been spending months investigating Parhelia if it's real, if it's fake, and what exactly it is.

    I have been contacting all of my sources I could gather and comparing notes. After thinking I had 100% accurate information, I found I was only partially correct. All of my sources are of high regard in my eyes, but this should still be regarded as a rumor until you hear anything official from Matrox.

    All right, on to the heart of Parhelia.

    1. It is very real.
    2. Yes, I said it is real. Not fake.
    3. It is fast. It will have a new memory design, different from all current video cards. Memory speed will be faster than the current fastest (a GeForce4). Faster by a huge margin of victory.
    4. It is fast. It will be an all new chip. It will not be 256 bit and will not be 128 bit. Expect clock speeds around 300 Mhz. Also expect varied product offerings from this core after the initial products are released.
    5. It is 3D feature filled. Expect it to have a fully programmable Transform and Lighting. Displacement mapping is sure to be featured along with shaders. It will have the most powerful Transform and Lighting unit available.
    6. It is 2D feature filled. Before you say there is nothing that can be done to improve 2D, let me just say there is. 2D performance and quality will be a leap ahead.
    7. It will be expensive. Of course I have no exact dollar amounts, but I am fairly confident in saying Parhelia will be more expensive than current high end cards, but with good cause. It offers much more than anything else on the market.
    8. There will be different versions of the card at launch. There will be a lower end model with lower clock speeds and less memory (probably 64MB). There will be a high end model with higher clock speeds and more memory (probably 128MB). Then later there will be a super high end model, (probably 256MB and more features for its target market). The last one is expected to be pricier than the MMS series of cards and will probably be aimed towards the 3D Labs card users.
    9. Of course, it goes without saying, but anyhow it will be multimonitor capable, but will have more dual monitor flexibility.
    10. It should be announced within a month, maybe two.
    11. If you want one and can afford it, you should be happy this summer.

    I know all of you reading want more specifics, and I know more specifics. But please realize the things I have left out are done so because I am unable to verify. Some things I left vague because there was conflict in the information I received, but were reasonably similar to believe they were worth mentioning.

    More to come, you will hear it here first. Stay Tuned!

    Please discuss this here in the forums.

  • wouw
    waar heb je dat vandaan?

  • Nu wordt ik toch wel erg nieuwsgierig :smile:
  • Edward heeft het van GoT en daar komt het van de matroxusers frontpage met een link naar deze draad
  • [quote:44066aa507]
    Op 07-03-2002 11:42, schreef hjs:
    Edward heeft het van GoT en daar komt het van de matroxusers frontpage met een link naar deze draad


    Correct, nou hopen dat dit snel officieel bevestigd wordt.
  • Leuke quote uit die draad.


    Originally posted by Tom
    Anyone want to buy my slightly used Radeon 8500?

    You will have a hard time giving one away this summer. Trust me.



  • Ik heb hier een quote van Typedef Enum: about the isue. Er zit wel wat in wat hij zegt. Met name omdat Matrox maar al te vaak gelinked wordt naar BitBoys.

    ff wat info: Dave is hier Dave Barron die ooit eens gewerkt heeft voor BB. Hij is de oprichter van Beyond3D waar deze quote vandaan komt.
    There's only one guy around these parts that can tell you anything about the BitBoys, and he no longer works for them…I'm talking about Dave.

    I'm not sitting here trying to make interpretations for everybody else…But let's look @ the obvious…

    -BitBoys have never kicked out a retail product…IE something that you can physically purchase from your favorite store, etc.

    -Last January (it was like Jan 6, 2001), an interview was conducted with Shane Long, the now head of BB's. He said, point blank, that they would have something to say "soon", and even gave a timeframe for production on this project that they make reference to on their website.

    Want to take a guess as to when that followup interview took place? You know, the one that might read like, "The last time we interviewed Shane Long, he said that production would begin in the 2nd or 3rd Quarter…Well, here we are, and we can finally…blah blah blah"…

    Answer…never happened.

    -Sometime in the middle of 2001, it was pretty obvious that Infineon was having some tough financial times, as they seemed to be hit by the recession pretty hard…It turns out that the financial stability, or lack thereof, might have had some influence in a supposed decision to freeze certain programs…and it appears/appeared that the BiyBoys project was one of them.

    This was never really formally announced (at least, I don't think it was)…but a couple of the die-hard BB's followers, like Nappe1, started talking about it in-and-around the time when Infineon was, indeed, making public statements about what they were going to do about the huge losses they were absorbing.

    -The supposed word was/is that this BB's part, though supposedly complete, would never be manufactured…Hmmm…A bit perplexing, eh?

    Let's just make an assumption about this chip…let's suppose that the chip is considered "complete," and it was just a matter of getting the chip(s) cranked out…This is, of course, only half the battle…and, perhaps, you can make the argument that it's only a Quarter of the battle!

    Even if they had a manufactured piece of silicon, what about drivers? Let's focus on nVidia for just a second here…

    As of right now, nVidia has some $100+ Million invested in a wide range of software/utilities/hardware/systems to better help them design their products well before you ever get the things in their hands…Lets start right there…

    OK, so here you have nVidia…They have, arguably, the finest staff of 3D/ASIC/Software engineers…period. In addition, they also have this wealth of experience in actually MAKING actual products…Not pipe-dream products, but bona-fide products that can actually be purchased.

    OK…still with me? On top of ALL of that (if that weren't enough of a difference maker), nVidia has invested HUGE sums of money on tools to better assist them in designing their products literally years before the things ever become reality. Not only do they have tools that assist them in designing the chips, but also in virtually every conceivable area along the development path…

    OK…Again, this then leads you back to the drivers issue…nVidia then has, as of now, drivers that basically encompass 4-5 years of evolving know-how/technology/experience/etc. This is not something that you can just pickup…you have to "be there" to be able to garner this kind of experience.

    Going back to the issue of $$/tools/CAD/etc…nVidia has, once again, invested a huge amount of capitol in the so-called "farm" of systems that run 24/7 in testing their drivers for errors, etc.

    Now, lets think about this one…Try to imagine all of these things for just a second…and then consider where the BitBoys are coming from.

    =>No product experience…

    =>No driver maturity to rely on…

    =>No Super Wiz-Bang, well-known CAD tools to help them out (be it development, diagnosis, etc)…

    =>No reduction-to-practice experience…

    =>No real manufacturing experience…

    =>Heck, no real Marketing experience either…Even if they had something that kicked ass, and could be manufactured…they would still have to marker the product!

    OK…This message is getting long-winded…But honest to God…

    If you just look @ what makes nVidia tick, and then think about the hurdles that a BitBoys would have to overcome, just to get the thing out the door…In terms of numbers, you almost come to the conclusion that the probability of it ever happening are nearly ZERO…I have been delusional about the BitBoys, as have many others, over the years…and I have finally come to this conclusion.

    I'm sure Dave can throw his $.02 in here, if he wants…but the fact that he no longer works there does, indeed, tell you a little bit about what might be going on (if you read between the lines).
  • We zullen het wel zien, ik hoop dat er wat gebeurd, ipv alles wat weer 1,3 maal sneller wordt :wink:

    Wat Type zegt is zondermeer waar, maar dat sluit niets uit, hoogstens dat het niet eenvoudig is om door te dringen voorbij de gevestigde orde, maar er zijn meer slimme mensen op deze aardkloot dan er nu aan zet zijn!
  • En matrox heeft natuurlijk wel al jaren ervaring in het maken van kaarten en drivers, dus als die twee nu samen iets aan het bekokstoven zijn ????
  • Als we het nu toch over hoeveel sneller hebben. Is jullie opgevallen dat de GF4Ti4600 de GF3Ti500 wegblaast bij VulpineGL… Ik ben er nog niet uit waar dat nu inzit. Ik heb laatst benchmarks gedraaid in advanced mode (zonder nFiniteFX) en dan zijn de verschillen gigantisch. Zelf heb ik het vermoeden dat dat komt door de bomen die er in die demo zitten. Als je een GF4MX dezelfde demo laat afdraaien dan krijgt ie problemen bij de bossen. Wat nu precies de oorzaak is ben ik nog niet achter, maar ik wil daar dit weekend even naar kijken.

    "No, no, I'm not playing, I'm testing… give me that controller back… muaaaaaaa…."

    [ Dit Bericht is bewerkt door: Slashhead op 2002-03-07 13:29 ]
  • Idd, het zou leuk zijn als er weer eens wat nieuws kwam ipv steeds met een speed-upgrade te komen. Alhoewel ik het eerst nog maar eens zien moet of dit waar is…
  • [quote:d7091b33d2]
    Op 07-03-2002 13:29, schreef BA:
    Idd, het zou leuk zijn als er weer eens wat nieuws kwam ipv steeds met een speed-upgrade te komen. Alhoewel ik het eerst nog maar eens zien moet of dit waar is…


    jullie zijn gewoon teveel verwend :wink:
    Wat is er nu mis met een speed upgrade…
  • Hou op over die bomen in Vulpine, houdt mijn radeon ook helemaal niet van. binnen draait ie als een trein, buiten is hopeloos
  • [quote:9cfc10a5ee]
    Op 07-03-2002 15:17, schreef hjs:

    Ik vindt die hele demo niet fraai.
    beetje naar zooitje groen kijken totdat er eindelijk eens een helicopterje gaat landen met een vreemd soort vrouwmens.


    mm, Ik weet niet, ik heb die demo nog nooit gezien op een Radeon :grin:
  • [quote:68a87a603c]
    Oh, loopt die ook zo raar dan?

    [/quote:68a87a603c]Je weet het niet, he ? :wink:
  • Hm, toch eens kijken naar die vulpine demo dan. Ik had hem nog niet geinstalleerd na mijn upgrades etc.
  • Bij mij loopt de VulpineGL-demo vast met de 6043xp drivers, na eerst een stukje zeer snel te gaan.

    Ik heb wel meer vaghe foutmeldingen opeens, waarschijnlijk heb ik teveel lopen rommelen in het register, ik ga vanavond eens een formatje doen.
  • Ik draai nog steeds met de 6025 drivers, ik heb de nieuwere wel al gedownload, maar moet ze nog ff installen. Overigens ben ik met de 6025 nog geen problemen tegen gekomen. Dat UT traag liep vind ik ook vaag, na een reinstall zit ik opeens met de zelfde drivers op 150 FPS avg. in plaats van 50 FPS avg…..
  • Zou het te maken hebben met de T&L. Lijkt me dat je met die bomen een behoorlijk aanslag kunt doen op de transform functie van je T&L proc. Iemand een kaartje met soft T&L :smile:
  • ik merk wel, dat met aniso op hoog de aanslag hoger is, de skins komen dan ook veel eerder op de bomen.

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