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  • Ik heb een filmpje van Stalker gezien. dat ziet er veelbelovend uit. ik wacht het af.

    wat DirectX 9.0a betreft. de link in de FAQ werkt nog steeds. ik heb hem hier al draaien.
  • [size=18:f489a5ac44]DirectX 9.0a Re-released[/size:f489a5ac44]


    Daar is ie weer:

    Microsoft has re-released DirectX 9.0a one day after it had suddenly was removed from all MS sites. The reason, according to Warp2Search, was because:

    [i:f489a5ac44]DirectX 9.0a was removed because of an incompatibility with ATI Catalyst 03.1 drivers. Catalyst drivers 03.2 were unaffected, Wenzel said. He pointed out that there were still some minor bugs bud did not want to comment any further. If and when DirectX 9.0a will be available remains unclear at the moment.
    Catalyst 03.1 drivers are still pretty popular because they perform better and allow Counter-Strike fans to play the game. Catalyst 03.2 introduced a show stopper bug with Counter-Strike." It's now up and running again. [/i:f489a5ac44]

    Downloaden kan via de link in de FAQ

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