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Apocalypse 1500 - 4 chip SLI 512MB RAM van Talon

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  • Waar haal je dit nu weer vandaan?

    ziet er erg leuk uit. en duur :)

    een 5e speler op de markt? Talon Gfx? nog nooit van gehoord
  • Niet van de Inquirer iig ;)

    Ik kwam hem tegen via het fgorum van rage3d, daar werd deze link gegeven:

  • Nou moet ik toch echt een bijbaantje nemen:

    The Apocalypse line of graphics cards will be very impressive. We actually had to flip the card to where the processors are facing up. This is because of the size of the heatsink & fan combinations. We know graphics cards are not made like this because of heat problems between the card, and the CPU, but we are have a heatsink & fan design that will desperse the heat away from the CPU of most motherboards. The fan will actually be a dual fan (like on the Russian Tu-95 Bear Bomber). The clocks for the Apocalypse cards will be nearly double what the GeForce 4's are. With our new memory architecture you can see at the most 3 - 4 times the fill-rate of a GeForce 4.

    The Anti-Aliasing for the Apocalypse 1500 will be at 16x (using the Selestec[tm], a new form of FSAA). Also, the Anisotropic Filtering is going to have the option of at least 128-tap. The blurring issue will not be a problem. Take 3DLabs 16x Anti-Aliasing on the Wildcat III for example, but without blurring.
    Transform and Lighting will definetely be implemented in hardware, and so will Pixel and Vertex shaders.
    3dfx T-Buffer is not dead. The one addition to the die is a space for a form of the 3dfx T-Buffer (TG-Buffer). Yes, we at Talon Graphics are fans of 3dfx. The first video card any of us ever owned was a 3dfx product.
    Also on our list is surround-gaming features up to 5 monitors for a true surround-gaming experience.

    As for the size of the card. The Apocalypse 1500 does have four processors. The length of the card will not be 30cm like the Voodoo 5 6000. The Apocalypse 1500 will be wide though. Our design for the card is different, and should not be any longer than a Voodoo 5 5500. The Apocalypse 1000 will be no longer than a GeForce 4. The Apocalypse 500 will be around the size of a Radeon 8500.

    Here's some more specs:
    Apocalypse 1500 - 4 chip SLI 512MB RAM (16x A-A)
    Apocalypse 1000 - 2 chip SLI 256MB RAM (12x A-A)
    Apocalypse 500 - 1 chip 128MB RAM (8x A-A)

    Chip design is nearly complete, and board design is in full swing. I will be finishing the chip design this month (hopefully), and helping Josh finish the board design over the next 3 or 4 months. Than, it's on to silicon. Produce the drivers, and put the card into production. We're working hard on this project. I do want to stress that no other video card will be designed like this one, and look like this one.

    We are hoping to have a design ready for production in one year, or less.
    There's only one major issue that needs to be taken care of. That is getting the rights to use SLI from nVIDIA. Otherwise, we'll run into lawsuits, and so on. We want SLI because we believe that it is very effective, and our plan on how to use the technology will seriously increase the performance of the chipset. The SLI technique we're going to use can avoid buying a patent from nVIDIA. That is not going to be a problem either. Our implementation, we believe, will increase performance on older, current, and future programs.

    The Talon Graphics Team :
    Ryan Warner - Chip and Board Design (Founder)
    Josh Anderson - Chip and Board Design (Co-Founder)
    Seth Gilpin - Cooling Design
    Shawn Middleton - Drivers
  • ziet er heel itteressant uit. nu maar hopen dat het geen "vaporware" is zoals bij de Bitboys.
    de specs zijn naar mijn mening een beetje Heavy voor een nieuwkomer.

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