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[b:91e962b1c4]DirectX Eradicator 1.08 For Win9X And Win2K[/b:91e962b1c4] Mischien wel een handige tool voor mensen die hun DirectX kwijt willen: [quote:91e962b1c4]Handy tool, the utility is designed to safely remove the DirectX runtime core component from Windows 9X, Millennium and Windows 2000 operating systems. DXE gives you the power to install and uninstall any version of DirectX as you wish. Full uninstall support for DirectX 2.0 to [b:91e962b1c4]9.0[/b:91e962b1c4] Complete removal of all DirectX files and folders Full Registry cleanup; INF rollback option You can grab the tool [url=http://www.freewebz.com/firecat/]right here.[/url][/quote:91e962b1c4] Jammer dat ze nog geen WinXP ondersteunen.

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