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grafische kaart wil nie meer met nieuw moederbord

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  • hee mensen, ik kreeg deze vraag, het is in het engels, maar da zal geen probleem zijn denk ik..anyways, ik weet zo 1,2,3 de oplossing niet, misshien dat jullie verder kunnen helpen:

    In nov I bought a new motherboard with 512Mb ram. I already had a agp graphics card, aopen. Lately, OFTEN the computer booted up, screen turned black, and wouldn't work anymore. After a restart in save mode, there wasn't anything to see, but the next reboot it would start with the message that the graphic card was not recognized anymore.
    Finally I got fed up with this and bought myself an ATI Radeon 7500. Now.. It wouldn't let me install the card in the windows I had, So I made a new directory. Everything went smooth until I did the windows update. After all, who wants IE5 and outlookexpress 5 with all their security flaws.
    After the update, it would start black screened again, and again I got the same thing. Graphic card not recognized.

    So I have been MESSING with this ever since Tuesday, and now today I removed Laura's PCI graphic card, gave her my Radeon, installed it (worked like a charm there) and installed the ATI rage II in my computer..
    Everything seems to work again. But I noticed that I still had IE5 and same outlook .. So I just did the windows update, and now I run IE6 and same outlook # …. NOW everything works and stays working, even after a few restarts.[/quote:8942b9cab5]

    Bedankt voor in ieder geval al de moeite om het te lezen :)
    ps: nieuwe drivers van grafische kaart hadden geen effect
  • ik zou ff wat meer informatie geven, zoals:

    - merk en type mobo
    - windows versie

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