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In Shoutcast server clusters maken ?

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  • Hehe,
    Ik heb een Shoutcast server maar ik wilde graag weten hoe je clusters maakt in je server.
    kan iemand dat mij vertellen ?

    Oke vriendelijke Groet NickV.
  • Dit staat gewoon uitlegt in de documentatie op shoutcast.com….

  • Ik kan niet goed engels :( kan jij het wel uitleggen aan mij ?
  • Ik ben helaas geen vertaal computer….

    ; ***************************
    ; Mass Configuration
    ; ***************************

    ; Unique: assigns a variable name for use in any config item which points to a
    ; file. Useful for servers running lots of SHOUTcast servers that have similar
    ; configuration parameters, excepting logfile names, banfile names, etc. Any
    ; parameter that takes a pathname can include the character $, which will
    ; substitute $ for the variable assigned here. Keep in mind that the unique
    ; variable can only be used after it is defined, so don't try to use a unique
    ; variable substitution in a path before you define it. For example, you
    ; could set:
    ; Unique=my_server
    ; and then define Log=/usr/local/shoutcast/$.log in an included configuration
    ; file. Default is Unique=$, so that by default any file with $ in the name
    ; won't substitute anything at all.

    ; Include: instructs the sc_serv to read from the named configuration file,
    ; *at the point of insertion of the Include statement*, and process as though
    ; the included file was part of itself. Note that all configuration parameters
    ; in the DNAS config file are processed first to last, so if an item is defined
    ; twice in a configuration, the last item to process will be the one that takes
    ; effect. For this reason, it's usually a good idea to use the Includes first
    ; in a config file.
    ; example:
    ; Include=/usr/local/shoutcast/common.conf
    ; Default is not applicable.
  • Zal wel :P
    Liever in Nederlands
  • Wat moet iemand dan met meerdere shoutcastservers die zelf nieteens de boel kan instellen???

    Denk dat je toch echt eerst Engels moet gaan leren om alles goed draaiend te krijgen….

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