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returncodes op DVD

i doe dit even in het engels omdat ik er een kopie van heb: *********8 Dear Readers, I use for a while Adobe Premiere Elements 10. I do often make AVCHD Disks. Most times I have a menu with a choice out of more small movies. When I jump to a movie, it plays and after that it returns to the menu an I can Choose another one. The issue is, Premiere Elements should write a return code to the end of each movie. ( In the program itself I can place return codes myself) But the result is, that a standalone Blueray-player, which also can play AVCHD disks not sees the Return codes when burned the disk with PRE 10. When I burn it to HD, and then burn the result to disk with another prgr, then the return codes is written to disk. For some reason , I like to know how this returncode looks like in hexadecimal. I can find them with ISObuster on the DVD. So , who knows the return code ? Frits Egelie