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  • S-Video Frequently Asked Questions -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Some more minor corrections plus some T.V information at the end, plus some info on RGB ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. What is S-Video? ------------------- S-Video is one of the high quality methods of transmitting a television signal from a device such as a Camcorder, VCR, or a game machine (PSX/Saturn/SNES etc). It separates the color information (Chrominance) from the brightness (Luminance), which prevents nasty things like color bleeding and dot crawl, and helps increase clarity and sharpness. You can greatly improve the image quality of the PSX by simply converting to S-Video. Te vinden: http://www.vidgames.com/ps/hints/svideo.html ook ; http://support.radioshack.com/support_tutorials/audio_video/connector-svhs.htm Zonder bijbedoelingen Eddy En direkt een slot erop.

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