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Can I watch DVD on my iPhone 5?

Eddy X
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  • Sorry, I speak English.
    I need to watch some DVDs on my iphone, any freeware to do it? I follow this tuorials but it need a software to do it and I dont know where to download, so I ask for help here.
    Thanks! Jack. :wink:
  • You would need a dvd ripper, that can convert to MP4. Afaik this is a decent one: http://www.winxdvd.com/dvd-ripper/
    If you don't like this software, just find another one. There are many similar freeware titles.
  • Freemake:
  • Kan freemake rip from dvd? I can't seem to find it, but if it does, that would be ok too.

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