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Hardware Solution VGBC--Unblock your exsiting Legacy Linksys

SpeedVoIP launch its innovative plug-and-play zero configuration border controller VGBC for any existing Linkysys PAP2, Grandstreams ATA/IP Phone, Vonage Phone Adapter or other SIP terminals at UAE/Oman/Qatar. VGBC takes proprietary anti-blocking engine and works with server side VGPlugin software to provide powerful protection against blocking imposed by ISP for any 3rd-party SIP CPE devices including ATA, gateway, IP hard phone. Meanwhile VGBC is self-contained solution with no need for external PC running client software, by which end-user can easily operate on VoIP call and no requirement of any computer PC skills. Key Features: Maximum ROI(Return On Investment) and reduce TOC(Total Ownership Cost) Minimal Overhead and High Call Quality Up to maximum 200 lines supported (100 units of linksys pap2) Any 3rd-party Gateway/Adapter/ATA/IP hard phone supported Easy to maintain and no need for PC Plug-Play and aero configuration Lynn SpeedVoIP Communication Technology Co.,Ltd Tel: +86 755 25504959 Fax: +86 755 25336159 MSN: svoipsales@hotmail.com Website: www.speed-voip.com Email: lynn@speed-voip.com Skype: svoipsales Yahoo: speedvoip@yahoo.com