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our manufacturers If 100% of the goods produced, he would go to the mall full price sales, no matter how much good you sell the goods, no matter how famous your brand in your sales [url=http://www.chiflatironblack.com/chi-flat-iron-chi-black-origital-flat-iron-c-1_5.html]chi black[/url], can not be 100% of all sales out, so it may be 20% -40% should go into the warehouse, both brands or manufacturers are reluctant to re-enter the shelves of goods to the warehouse, just want to get rid of it, so you can enter Outlets such a format, If we are into the warehouse, then certainly there are many costs into the Outlet if for sale, not only reduce [url=http://www.uggbootsbaileybutton.co.uk/ugg-classic-cardy-boots-c-68.html]ugg classic cardy[/url], but also get their own profit. Third, I just said, After our December 11, we promised the international WTO China must let go of some of the conditions, in turn, say, in the processing of some of the brands in our country, they can also be Weihuo sold in China, such as the otter and Rice added color. Fourth, is our very need for such [url=http://www.uggbootsbaileybutton.co.uk/]ugg boots sale[/url] formats, why? Lufthansa mall I was doing when I am very sorry, there are many brands to consumers particularly like, but because of their capacity of the income or can not buy brand-name, and now the emergence outlets to customers for such a choice, this is fully reflected in the [url=http://www.chiflatironblack.com/chi-flat-iron-chi-pink-dazzle-flat-iron-c-1_6.html]chi pink[/url] this point, the other even afford to buy, but He is also willing to go shopping outlets that he has no fashion, we are price shops are generally more fashionable seasonal style or color, but some people dressed myself fit, I am love on the line, why I spend so much money to buy it now stand, this is also an active advocate Outlets. Fifth, our country is now more [url=http://www.chiflatironblack.com/chi-flat-iron-chi-turbo-2-ceramic-flat-iron-c-1_12.html]chi turbo[/url], but the dislocation is not a good business, therefore, on Only one way to attract, or the consumer wins, and that is discounted, if the future with this format, we can make brands and manufacturers that they have a place to go to dispose of his stock of [url=http://www.ghd-mk4-pink.com/ghd-mk4-c-2.html]ghd mk4 black[/url], or some shopping malls to conduct such the forms, I think that the integration of our market is.   Throughout these years of market [url=http://www.chiflatironblack.com/chi-flat-iron-chi-black-origital-flat-iron-c-1_5.html]chi black[/url] model, anything can seize the social gimmick to arouse public opinion, the product must be fire. Step Manchester is such a toe shoe footwear. It is healthy for the development of fashion shoes, fingers point, in the fashion and appropriately grasp the scale of [url=http://www.uggbootsbaileybutton.co.uk/ugg-classic-cardy-boots-c-68.html]ugg classic cardy[/url], ease and style through the footwear features a bold shape and health of bold and innovative and work hard to seize the consumer psychology, which five fingers to form a strong momentum of the big selling fashion shoes style. Take full advantage of the market as well as sensitive [url=http://www.uggbootsbaileybutton.co.uk/]ugg boots sale[/url], making five fingers shoes Manchester step, once listed, to firmly captured the hearts of consumers, leaving investors see tremendous business [url=http://www.chiflatironblack.com/chi-flat-iron-chi-pink-dazzle-flat-iron-c-1_6.html]chi pink[/url]. Lancaster toe shoes can form lasting bonds with the step can be considered an exclusive right of the investor opportunities. Many investors choose to step Manchester toe shoes, the most important reason is its low barriers to entry, the amount of [url=http://www.chiflatironblack.com/chi-flat-iron-chi-turbo-2-ceramic-flat-iron-c-1_12.html]chi turbo[/url] is small, low-risk, high return. Step five fingers shoes combined with the unique characteristics of Manchester mode of operation, unified management and distribution of goods, laid the basis for low cost, both convenient and efficient purchase, but also peace of mind, bold sales, so that investors not to worry about. In short, step fashion shoes [url=http://www.ghd-mk4-pink.com/ghd-mk4-c-2.html]ghd mk4 black[/url] Manchester fingers access to the market and investors of all ages. China itself has 1.5 billion people is a huge [url=http://www.ghd-mk4-pink.com/ghd-mk4-c-2.html]ghd mk4[/url] market, China's per capita consumption is 2 pairs, 2012, per capita footwear consumption in Asia will reach 2 double, China's annual per capita [url=http://www.ghd-mk4-pink.com/ghd-pink-c-3.html]ghd pink[/url] of shoes will be expected to exceed 3 double , the total annual consumption of China's shoes will be more than 3.5 billion pairs, room for growth is huge. To the market after the main consumer group, led by 70,80,90, which generations of people not only pay [url=http://www.ghd-mk4-pink.com/ghd-iv-styler-c-4.html]ghd iv styler[/url] to the pursuit of trendy and comfortable, health care, further penetrating the market vacancy Manchester fingers shoes to fill market demand. In fact, as early as 2007 VIBRAM toe [b:562d46950d][url=http://www.ghd-mk4-pink.com/ghd-iv-styler-mk4-purple-p-14.html]ghd purple[/url] [/b:562d46950d]had been swept Italy in 2008 if we look closely you can see five fingers shoes has become the darling of international stars in Hollywood, to the Shanghai World Expo 2010 Italian Pavilion of the toe shoe performance show, so that Chinese [url=http://www.supplyairmax.com/nike-air-max-2011-c-66.html]air max 2011[/url] completely fell in love with five fingers shoes, fashion shoes, fingers point in the Chinese market began to set off a huge peak consumption. Step five fingers shoes Manchester (Beijing Hotline :010 -52,550,180) As mentioned above, it is both stylish, comfortable and healthy in one. Step five fingers shoes in Manchester to meet the consumer demand on the appearance of the integration of design, 80 90 are the main consumer [b:562d46950d][url=http://www.supplyairmax.com/nike-air-max-2010-c-73.html]air max 2010[/url] [/b:562d46950d]is accompanied by animation, the Internet grew up five fingers shoes so step Manchester designed to be more original and artistic , in line with modern independence, in line with 'I'm me' individual needs, therefore, put forward higher requirements for designers, designers to be more aesthetic departure from. " Then you can [url=http://www.supplyairmax.com/nike-air-max-2009-c-72.html]air max 2009[/url] the company to the next step forward in our goal is? "" our company within two years will further five fingers shoes Manchester Shanghai Hotline :021 -51087297 【】 extended to 23 provinces and 282 cities, tens of thousands to enter the Chinese market, the complete overthrow of the traditional [url=http://www.supplyairmax.com/nike-air-max-24-7-c-69.html]air max 24-7[/url] of the model, in the Chinese footwear market, Frost toe shoes set off a revolutionary step the storm! "Finally, Dingjing Li said one [url=http://www.supplyairmax.com/nike-air-max-tn-c-78.html]air max tn[/url]:" I believe strength of the brand! "may be infected by Ding Jingli confidence, the reporter seems to have seen this company's ambitious international outlook. The [url=http://www.supplyairmax.com/]air max[/url] of the Jiangsu Provincial People's Government of Shengze Town, Hebei, Jilin Chemical Fiber Co., Wara, East Fei Mazuo in Textile Machinery Co., Ltd., Tianhong Textile Group Co., Ltd., Shanghai Mart, Shing Hong Group Co., Ltd., SGS-CSTC CSTC [url=http://www.uggbootsbaileybutton.co.uk/ugg-bailey-button-boots-c-65.html]ugg bailey button[/url] Technical Services Co., Ltd.support."Sericulture industry is China's traditional industries, sericulture and cultural history of several thousand years in China," Sukun Cheng, general manager of the lecture to, mulberry planting sericulture, silk reeling the silk is a great [url=http://www.uggbootsbaileybutton.co.uk/ugg-classic-tall-boots-c-66.html]ugg classic tall[/url] of our country, with the development of high technology, Mulberry is not just sericulture, mulberry also dependent - mulberry mulberry, mulberry leaf, mulberry, mulberry root and other drugs is not only food. The clinical observation showed that the mulberry family of 36 species of six systems for human disease, the average improvement rate of up to 91.52%, with better health care. Decoration: According to the headquarters of the franchise stores provide a unified design renovation program, joined the business and actively organize the decoration construction. Opening: After the official opening, according to the program based advocacy and promotional activities. Services: after-sales support and services.