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destroyed England football man dreams

Ballot and still young and I hope he can in his career, milan is a continuous progress "FIFA dirty secret" - BBC this file the [url=http://www.discount-nfl.com/]cheap nfl jerseys[/url] program issued by viewing them before. Up to the prime minister down to premiership player, would plead with the BBC broadcast time delay. No doubt, anyone can realize the [b:e385b9aec8][url=http://www.ghd-mk4-pink.com/ghd-hair-straighteners-c-5.html]ghd hair straighteners[/url] [/b:e385b9aec8]England bid is extremely detrimental to the World Cup. Problem: most of the discourse as England [url=http://www.supplyairmax.com/]air max[/url] media, BBC why reckless local bid team in a two-decade-long? BBC news spokesman said: "this program is in the public interest, the decision within the scope of the bid 2018 FIFA's executive [url=http://www.uggbootsbaileybutton.co.uk/ugg-bailey-button-boots-c-65.html]ugg bailey button[/url] of bribes in the history of the records." Let the England man angry is most program deals with bribes all happened in the last century, and not with this campaign tied directly. For these even a Swiss court are reluctant to accept things, destroyed England football man dreams, whether the loss outweights the gain?The BBC's purpose, is [url=http://www.chiflatironblack.com/chi-flat-iron-c-1.html]chi flat iron[/url] worth deliberate. Televised caused by FIFA's wrath, England bid delegation panicked and chairman Andy ansion immediately responded: "the BBC panorama program is just some of the allegations, hype [url=http://www.chiflatironblack.com/chi-flat-iron-chi-black-origital-flat-iron-c-1_5.html]chi black[/url] without any events and the current campaign process related. The BBC that should shame." This forcibly not please show in the English media echo is poor. The Daily Telegraph commentators Henry hunter relentlessly [url=http://www.uggbootsbaileybutton.co.uk/]ugg boots sale[/url]. "it is time to rediscover football for fun, remind all people should be talking about football iniesta and Lionel messi before the magic of coordination, but is not Spanish with 2018 bid to exchange Qatar 2022 of bid; is about the matchday" (BBC ace program [url=http://www.uggbootsbaileybutton.co.uk/ugg-classic-cardy-boots-c-68.html]ugg classic cardy[/url] essence highlights), rather than the panorama. "the BBC ancient accused the machine doesn't mind football, also don't care Monday night that program humiliation broadcast time will bring harm to England [url=http://www.uggbootsbaileybutton.co.uk/ugg-classic-short-boots-c-67.html]ugg classic short[/url], the more care Tuesday David Cameron to jack warner said honeyed words." BBC panorama of facing powerful survival pressure, and understandably Henry winter about the program mordant [url=http://www.uggbootsbaileybutton.co.uk/ugg-classic-tall-boots-c-66.html]ugg classic tall[/url]. Since 1953, the panorama of the premiere in the century cosplayers important news guiding role in the British people enjoyed this program, all because of its insist on mining news events deep-seated reasons perspectives. However, this program is in recent years [url=http://www.supplyairmax.com/nike-air-max-ltd-c-76.html]air max ltd[/url] and more be British audiences in the doghouse. Two reasons: topic repetitive and hobbyhorse doesn't public interest; In some [url=http://www.ghd-mk4-pink.com/]ghd[/url] operation for topic of novel abandoned objective angles. Decide on the eve of the World Cup, is the build-up Spaces around high-rise flats good timing. "Public interest", the shell and [url=http://www.discount-nfl.com/]nfl jerseys[/url] how much the BBC panorama, producer of anxiety to expect and ambitions? Regrettablly backfires, although more than a month ago propaganda, broadcasted repercussions not warm. Monday night at the FIFA cover-up only [url=http://www.discount-nfl.com/new-york-jets-jerseys-c-33.html]jets jerseys[/url] 285.4 million viewers, ratings only a 10.7%. Compared with the last week of the panorama programme telltale England school islamic religious compared, ratings only improve 0.4%. Meanwhile, independent television entertainment "I am celebrity...!" [url=http://www.uggbootsbaileybutton.co.uk/]ugg boots[/url] up to 33%. Ricardo TeXieLa AWeiLanRe former son-in-law, since 1989 as Brazil fa chairman, our international uefa executive [url=http://www.chiflatironblack.com/chi-hair-dryer-c-2.html]chi hair dryer[/url] since 1994. Brazil the 2014 World Cup organizing committee, TeXieLa occupies an important position. This secret list of 21 pen HuiJin are paid to the TeXieLa in Liechtenstein short company, total amount of $9.5 million. At present, TeXieLa refused to make any comments.Nicholas · lai otzi Paraguay people for South America chairman of FIFA for 24 [url=http://www.chiflatironblack.com/chi-pink-dazzle-flat-iron-p-191.html]chi pink[/url], since 1998 years a FIFA executive committeemen. After a Swiss court have charged him in January 2000, and may collect 13 million dollars between HuiJin, the BBC's secret list shows, in 1997-1998 he also accept ISL reaches as high as 60 million dollars in bribes. However, these charges and no [b:e385b9aec8][url=http://www.uggbootsbaileybutton.co.uk/ugg-classic-argyle-knit-boots-c-71.html]classic argyle knit[/url] [/b:e385b9aec8]lai otzi, he is still FIFA powerful character. Issa · ha elegance since 1987, Cameroon football association secretary-general in Africa fa chairman. Any He [url=http://www.uggbootsbaileybutton.co.uk/ugg-ultra-tall-boots-c-69.html]ugg ultra tall[/url] serves as a FIFA vice-president and embrace to executive committeemen dispensation for 20 years. Meanwhile, he from 2001 start as member of the international Olympic committee, this time after the incident, he was the only one will be investigated officials, the committee announced that ha elegance of bribery case for further follow-up survey. 2002 [url=http://www.supplyairmax.com/nike-air-max-skyline-c-77.html]air max skyline[/url] election ha elegance defeat to sepp blatter, but got England votes. This ha elegance and his representatives of African votes for the England set-up is the key.Jack warner since 1990 in North America and the Caribbean as chairman of FIFA, the incumbent FIFA vice-president, 27 years [url=http://www.ghd-mk4-pink.com/ghd-iv-styler-c-4.html]ghd iv styler[/url] experience. BBC says it in South Africa from FIFA World Cup before trying to buy $8.4 million worth of tickets scalping, take to black. [url=http://www.supplyairmax.com/]cheap air max[/url] is not the first scalping tickets warner suspicion. After the England set-up has been "bang" jack warner, trying to make sure that he and three zhang Caribbean votes. David Cameron arrived in Zurich, above all after meeting with sepp blatter, then invite jack warner, visible repair cracks determination. "My idol was robben, Lionel messi and [url=http://www.chiflatironblack.com/chi-flat-iron-chi-turbo-2-ceramic-flat-iron-c-1_12.html]chi turbo[/url] ribery stars such look around the world of football, not many star will be able to use pure technical person, they are my goal." By fabio capello as England future TianZun Adam - Johnson, before talking about their [b:e385b9aec8][url=http://www.supplyairmax.com/nike-air-max-2010-c-73.html]air max 2010[/url][/b:e385b9aec8] and developing track