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    [b:eba6c34d03]What is cmMOD?[/b:eba6c34d03]
    cmMOD is the tag that means Competetive Match Mod for Black Ops. It’s a mod developed for easy hosting of
    clanwars and lantournaments in easy use. Also it can be used just for fun and to train with your clan and friends.
    It’s a very balanced modification. The concept and idea is based on CoD4 Promod, Late November Eekhoorn Started scripting the plans and a
    version 1.0 came on the table, later with help of more people a version 2.0 Came with way more features. Now we are still developing it every day!
    [b:eba6c34d03]Founder and headproject leader[/b:eba6c34d03]: Eekhoorn
    [b:eba6c34d03]Advise manager[/b:eba6c34d03]: SURTEK
    [b:eba6c34d03]Co-Producers[/b:eba6c34d03]: SuperNovaO, Inkz & daMaster1303
    [b:eba6c34d03]Websitedesigner & Advise manager[/b:eba6c34d03]: FeVeR
    [b:eba6c34d03]Other credits[/b:eba6c34d03] : Killingdyl, Nukem, 4FunPlayin, Matieuh, d0h, Azumikkel, H4RDC0R3 & Met94

    [b:eba6c34d03]What makes it different from normal S&D?[/b:eba6c34d03]
    cmMOD has a list of mainfeatures that make it very easy and quick to host balanced clanwars, it will also give players way more
    Frames Per Second (FPS) because a lot of not-nessasery stuff is disabled.

    [b:eba6c34d03] THE MAIN VIDEO : [/b:eba6c34d03]


    [b:eba6c34d03]What are all the features of this mod?[/b:eba6c34d03]
    Sounds and music.
    -Leader dialog has been removed from the game.
    -Music has been removed from the game.
    -Defuse sound and plant sound is pretty much fixxed,
    it now is a heartbeath sound. In the future.
    [i:eba6c34d03]Note: when modtools came out we will replace plant/defuse sound for the sounds used in cod2 and cod4.[/i:eba6c34d03]
    -All maps have ambient sounds removed. [i:eba6c34d03]Note: Currently host only, when modtools are out everyone will have this feature,
    because we can’t use download mode yet in BO.[/i:eba6c34d03]

    [b:eba6c34d03]Gameplay and Balancing[/b:eba6c34d03]
    -The AWP fix has been implemented.
    -The nosway fix has been implemented.
    -Knife automelee and lunge has been removed.
    -Bob has been added for all weapons, crouch, stand, sprint, prone.
    -Bandolier added for more ammo.
    -Team and enemy alive counter has been added.
    -Strattime has been added. (6 Seconds)
    -If you walk Aiming down sight you are completely silent.
    -Known. cfg cheats like seeing enemys on the Radar and 3rd person cheating is disabled.
    -Ready up menu has been added at the start of a match.

    [b:eba6c34d03]Class optimization [/b:eba6c34d03]
    -The Stakeout is the only avaible shotgun.
    -Grenades power has been slightly increased.
    -The L96A1 is the only avaible sniper.
    -Perks are disabled, same for attachments & killstreaks.
    -Flash/smoke are the only available equipments.
    -A good working classmenu, wich will be updated when modtools come out.
    Create your own class in readyup mode, and then later you can use your class,
    or change to a already made class by one of your teammates.

    [b:eba6c34d03]Visuals and FPS[/b:eba6c34d03]
    -Camouflages are removed.
    -The field of view is 90.
    -Fog has been further reduced troughout the game.
    -The games desuration has been removed, resulting in more colour.
    -Shadows have been disabled
    -Removed all map FX for better FPS.
    -Bomb icon on minimap has been made smaller.
    -Ranks are hidden in scoreboard.
    -Water is removed from the game.
    -A colour correction has been added for better map colours.

    [b:eba6c34d03]Additional Improvements[/b:eba6c34d03]
    -Every kill gives +5 as score.
    -Every plant or defuse gives +3 as score.
    -The plant/defuse bar has been more accurate, by removing the bomb.
    -Attack and Defence have replaced, Spetznatz, BlackOps, etc.
    -Colored killfeed.
    -Wallbangs are improved.
    -Third person spectating is disabled.
    -Normal and FinalKillcam are removed.
    -A quickmessage menu under key 'F', with Timeout, Drop Bomb, Dropweapon, and suicide function.
    (this key is kinda not handy, but will be changed when we can!)

    [i:eba6c34d03]Our current todo list:[/i:eba6c34d03]
    -Disable frag cooking. (Every tip is welcome)
    -Making a faster classmenu when modtools come out.
    -Timeout working properly.
    -Removing wall details for better FPS.

    [b:eba6c34d03] Media: [/b:eba6c34d03]

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-aP5rKXp77g [b:eba6c34d03] TRAILER! [/b:eba6c34d03]

    [b:eba6c34d03] Get it! [/b:eba6c34d03]
    To get this mod please visit the mod's website at www.codseries.nl, there you can click on the Get it! page for more info!
    I wanna join a lobby!
    We host openlobbys dayly at http://steamcommunity.com/groups/cmmod <– anyone can join!

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