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How to Play SWF Flash in Windows Media Player?

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  • Windows Media Player 11 is very pretty(though the latest version of Windows Media Player is 12 already), however, it’s not able to play SWF file – also called flash file – under the default settings.

    If we do insist to open SWF file with Windows Media Player, a security alert will pop out and remind: Your current security settings do not allow this action. Why is that? Windows Media Player itself doesn’t support playing SWF files, so when the search decoder discovers Flash Player ActiveX installed in IE, the alert beeps.

    How to solve the problem or How to Play SWF Flash in Windows Media Player? Just type [b:e32201632c]gpedit.msc[/b:e32201632c] in [b:e32201632c]Start-Run[/b:e32201632c] menu to open [b:e32201632c]Group Policy[/b:e32201632c], choose [b:e32201632c]User Configuration[/b:e32201632c] – [b:e32201632c]Administrative Templates[/b:e32201632c] – [b:e32201632c]Windows Components[/b:e32201632c] – [b:e32201632c]Internet Explorer[/b:e32201632c] – [b:e32201632c]Security Features[/b:e32201632c] – [b:e32201632c]Local Machine Zone Lockdown Security[/b:e32201632c], then doule click [b:e32201632c]All Processes[/b:e32201632c] on the right.


    Last step, choose [b:e32201632c]Disabled[/b:e32201632c] in [b:e32201632c]All Processes Properties[/b:e32201632c] menu.


    Now, try to play flash SWF file again and enjoy the unique flash playback in your familiar Windows Media Player! Moreover, you have the following two choices to play flash SWF files:

    1. Play flash SWF files while the downloading process using a flash SWF downloader: it can auto-detect online flash SWF files, play(preview) them and then download them to your PC;

    2. Play flash SWF files while the converting process using a flash SWF to video converter: it can play(preview) SWF files, customize flash effects and convert all kinds of flashes to popular video, audio and picture formats with ease. :D

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