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  • Een collega forum gebruiker van mij is het contact met z'n computer (deels) kwijt. Kan iemand misschien dit probleem verklaren? Als et mogelijk is in het Engels antwoorden a.u.b. Als dat niet lukt dan zal ik zelf een poging wagen.

    Dank alvast.

    [quote:4bc647e508]Right, Im going to need some help most likley from the seasoned geek.

    I have either been hacked, got a virus or been attacked by some malicious code. The symptoms are that my main administrative account on my XP system has been completly disabled of everything bar logging in. I have zip else other than that. I get my windows background pop-up……thats it. No right click, no icons, no task manager, no start buttons…..nothing.
    With symptoms like that, youd think it would be easy to find out what caused it on the internet but ive had no such luck, leaves me to believe that it was a hacker.
    Im lucky to have a dual boot system, unfortunatly the other operating system is Windows ME. I basically have it installed as a platform on which to fix, viruses and such as I have found in the past that its useful to have such a thing as a virus tends to effect one operating system only.
    Im in a bit of a stuck situation though, as Im not even sure if I can create a user or edit my XP permissions from ME but I imagine it must be possible, regedt32.exe is giving me no results thus far……..any ideas………any at all?
    Is this a common problem with a common fix.
    Since I have a collosul ammount of things installed on my pc the task of finding all my cd's and redownloading all the addons I have would take about 60 times longer than I imagine personally going in and editing my profile back in manually.
    Please anybody, any help at all is useful, thanx, I can get back to making obvious tunes and bad remix's!!![/quote:4bc647e508]

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