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Radio activeren op sansdisk sansa c240

ben al een tijdje in het bezit van de sandisk sansa c20 en nu heb ik op internet gevonden hoe je in europa de radio kan activeren! mis. nog handig voor andere: [quote:d4b8e11dbf]Hi, Last week I bought my SanDisk Sansa C240 for €55,- ($72,66) at a local store in The Netherlands. I bought this one because of the extend function (MicroSD) and the radio function (saw it on internet). Back at home I couldn't find any radio in the menu, so I looked in the manual and on the internet. That's were I found out that in Europe the radio function is disabled. After a half hour of thinking I realised that the big bosses of SanDisk probable would be miserly to make a new design for Europe. So that the radio tuner is inside the C240, also in Europe. After searching I found the American firmware and installed it. It worked! I can even use my own language! Now I can listen to the radio for free! How to: Get the latest American firmware at: http://zefie.com/files/sansa/c200/firmware/ First open the latest map, at the moment 1.00.06, and download the file SansaC200A1_00_06.7z. Unpack the files with WinRar or something. Set your Sansa C240 in MSC mode (Settings->USB->MSC) Connect the Sansa C240 to your pc Copy the files firmware.mi4 and pribootLoader.rom to your Sansa (root directory) and unplug your Sansa, American firmware will now be installed! Done, you can listen to the radio![/quote:d4b8e11dbf] succes!