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intressant verhaal over CDR's

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  • CDFreaks.com [quote:e46d7cffed] On many forums, and certainly on ours, there are many questions about what CD-R media to get. Unfortunately all these discussions are always performed on the wrong way. People always discuss the brand name instead of the manufacturer. Why this is wrong we will try to explain in this article, and also give you some guidelines how to discuss this subject properly. It still does not guarantee you to find the best CD-R, but it might make your quest for the one that fits best to your quality/price expectations a little easier. [i:e46d7cffed] First you will have to understand that there are only a dozen CD-R manufacturers on the world. But, as you probably have noticed, there are hundreds of CD-R brands. The difference between the manufacturer and the brand is easily explained: a manufacturer makes the discs (nameless) and the brand is just a name by which the CD-R is sold. Combine these two and you have a product you can sell. We will try to explain this with an example. [/i:e46d7cffed] Many people don't know and they just buy the brand they are used to buy, but in fact they might buy a totally different product than they expect. If you are even only a little into CD-R burning, you should read our article [url=http://www.cdfreaks.com/document.php3?Doc=91]here![/url][/quote:e46d7cffed]
  • Kun je even een linkje zetten naar het betreffende artikel?
  • Druk op [color=blue:c5207c686f]HERE[/color:c5207c686f] ;) (en die stond er echt al. Maar okay, nog een keer http://www.cdfreaks.com/document.php3?Doc=91

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