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Kan GEEN muziek etc. opnemen met NERO WAVE EDITOR

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  • Heb vandaag een brander gekocht.

    Daarbij zat o.a. Nero Wave Editor.
    Wil graag LP's op gaan nemen.
    Heb line out van de versterker gekozen, en deze aan gesloten op line in van de geluidskaart.
    Hoor nu muziek via de boxen van de computer. Tot zover alles ok.

    Druk ik echter op Opnemen neem ik alleen ruis op maar geen muziek, etc. kan het ook niet hoorbaar afspelen via Nero wave editor, moet het opslaan en daarna afspelen via windows Mediaspeler om te constateren dat het om ruis gaat.

    kan iemand mij helpen?


    [b:1146a67e33]Voor iedereen die het weten wil, ik heb de oplossing gevonden:[/b:1146a67e33]

    I can play through the computer speakers, but can't record to hard disk.

    There is a difference between which inputs are made available to the soundcard's output, and which one is made available for recording.
    Open up the Windows Volume Control utility. (This is usually available by double-clicking the little yellow icon of a loudspeaker in the system tray. If it's not there, go via Start|Programs|Accessories|Multimedia, or perhaps Start|Progams|Accessories|Entertainment). A screen titled "Volume Control" appears. On this screen you will see a selection of inputs. Each one can be individually switched on or off using its "mute" checkbox. All those which are not muted are available for playback through the soundcard's output, and their relative volumes can be controlled using the appropriate sliders. Thus, this screen behaves like a simple mixer, allowing multiple sources to be gathered together for output.

    OK, all this is fine, and allows you to pass the input through to the output, but: it doesn't make the unmuted inputs available for recording to hard disk. To do this, select the "Properties" item from the "Options" menu. A screen titled "Properties" will appear. In the box titled "Adjust volume for", there are radio buttons: select the one for Recording. A list of available inputs appears in the box beneath "Show the following volume controls", and you should ensure that all the various inputs you may wish to record are checked in that list. Now press "OK", and the main screen's title changes to "Recording Control". This screen presents the inputs available for recording, and to activate the one you want, check its associated "Select" checkbox. The recording level can be adjusted using the selected input's volume slider; note that you can adjust this while recording (just like you can with the level control on a tape deck). You may also see a simple level meter (like the LEDs on a cassette deck) next to some inputs on some soundcards; whether they appear depends on the particular facilities provided by the soundcard's driver. However, this meter is uncalibrated and most hard disk recording packages are likely to have better metering. Once you have set the required record level, you can close down the Volume Control utility and the settings will remain unchanged.

    One further tip. If you're recording anything other than the microphone input, it is a good idea to mute the microphone on the "Volume Control" screen whilst recording, as the microphone input circuitry can add a fair bit of noise on many soundcards.


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