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How to change a DIVX format (with VirtualDub?) in a Premiere

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  • Ieder zijn Engels is goed ????
    (anders moet ik deze topic weer in het nederlands gaan overtypen …….)

    I have a DIVX movie with this specifications

    Frame size (us per frame): 512 x 272
    FPS: 29.970 (33367us)
    # of frames (time): 204434 (1:53:41)
    Decompressor: Divx :smile: MPEG-4 Low Motion
    Number of keyframes: 682
    Min/avg/max/total key frame size: 687 / 8844 / 25122 (5891k)
    Min/avg/max/total delta frame size: 70 / 2995 / 42147 (587991k)

    Sampling rate: 48000
    Channels: 2 (stereo)
    Sample precision: 0-bit
    Compression: Frau IIS Mpeg Layer 3 codec
    Preload skew: 0 samples (0.00s)
    # of frames: 7049
    Min/avg/max/total frame size: 14911 / 15485 / 15919 (106602 k)

    I want to edit this in Premiere 6.0 and after that, put it on videotape. I think it should be possible to prepare it in a format with wich Premiere can work, probably with VirtualDub. I have Virtual Dub 1.4, only I don't know how to set the specifications for filter, compression etc.

    I'm used to work with the DV500 from Pinaccle, with it's format Pinnacle DV Pal
    720 - 576
    25 fps
    25 mbit/s
    PAR D1/DV PAL (1.067)
    but i should be able to work with one of the other formats as well

    You can also see my specifications here: http://oneman.50megs.com/index.html

    Anybody can help me?

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