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  • J.H. Pos Mag ik onderstaande vraag in het Engels laten staan ? U deze vraag vast wel beantwoorden ! Betreffende vraag heb ik n.l. aan Mark aka Matt aka Stoner in het TechGuy Forum (luem42@juno.com) gestuurd. Resultaat: BANNED ------------------ Sorry to trouble you, but I hope you know a website where I can find step by step instructions (which can be understood by me, a pre-beginner layman)on how to do a clean install of Win98SE. Problem: Both my CDRom player/burner Partition F and my DVD player/burner Part.G do not function anymore. Nero says: The Win-Aspi file '?.?' cannot be found. You can only select image recorders The missing file is one of the Windows 95/98/ME files. Please fix this prome and restart Nero. Error 16: No Adapters. Moreover: Other people say that I cannot download EXE-files. Downloads are shown as NOTEBOOK files. Information: I now have partition: C and D and E = Iomega Zip 100 The usual floppy drive = A As I don't know anything about partitioning I hope only partition C: needs to be repaired by cleaning and reinstalling WIN98SE. Thanks in advance and best regards, Adriaan
  • Maar even verplaatst naar OS windows. Kijk voor je herinstallatie eens op: http://www.schoonepc.nl/ Nero zou overigens een eigen aspi layer moeten hebben. Je zou als alternatief die van adaptec kunnen installeren. http://www.adaptec.com/en-US/support/scsi_soft/ASPI/ASPI-4.70/

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