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OS Windows

Win2k service pack 4: " Setup cannot copy the file ...&

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  • Als ik service pack 4 onder Windows 2000 probeer te installeren, krijg ik van diverse files de volgende foutmelding:

    "Setup cannot copy the file blabla.bla. Ensure that the location specified below is correct, or change it and insert 'windows 2000 Service Pack 4 Source Files' in the drive you specify"

    Ik heb div. malen geprobeerd en steeds komt er weer een foutmelding bij een andere file. Even googelen leverde op, dat het misschien een probleem met schrijfrechten is. Maar ik ben ingelogd als Administrator, dus dat zou geen probleem moeten zijn? Iemand enig idee wat de oorzaak is en wat ik eraan kan doen?

    Mijn systeem is een Intel Celeron 4A, 2400 MHz (24 x 100), nu staat er Win2k met service pack 2 op. Als jullie meer info (uit Everest) willen: laat 't even weten.

    Alvast bedankt.
  • Hier een mailconversatie met een vriend - hopelijk ook voor jullie nuttig om een betere diagnose te kunnen stellen. Zijn dingen zijn met haakjes, de mijne zonder.

    > All I can say you about SP4 froblems - mostly only the corporate guys try
    > to solve such cases (as they do not have any choice).

    I 'have to' as well, otherwise I just put €180 and a complete weekend of free time down the drain. Also, I don't have a (well) working computer now, while I desperately need one.

    There are some smart guys at our office too, I'll ask the ICT people over there. Let's see what they'll say.

    > All I can think out on the fly, is trying to install SP4 on a clean install
    > of W2K (it should not need the previous SP's). And to try different
    > versions of it - both network install and the standalone package.

    The installation CD automatically came with SP2, impossible to remove it (no backup files were made). And I have the standalone package over here. Network install is a terrible thing with 80 kbps, but I tried it anyway and it crashed too.

    > The problem with blabla.bla not copying may sometimes also be solved by hand
    > - just finding the file location by some file manager at the background and
    > then specifying the right location - but it doesn't work every time.
    > And it may also be a smart harware-software incompatibility - and then…
    > :(((

    I think I'm going to try this. First burn a CD to boot into DOS with NTFS-support and then do the SP4-installation as far as possible, write down the files that won't be replaced and try to do it by hand later on.

    > The permission problems under MS Windows are just a nightmare - usually any
    > primitive virus has more rights them all the administrators together. But
    > it shouldn't be the case in this time.

    Let's hope not … But then it's a big mysterie what ís :(

    > But can't you just put your old drive into new computer? Can't remember, but
    > in most cases W2K shouldn't be too sensitive to the iron and it will be
    > possible to add the needful drivers when needed.

    That didn't work. Fortunately I installed win2k on my old drive though, so I still have the new drive (with WinXP) as a slave. Can just change the jumpers and at least have a working OS with internet again (but it's a pain in the *ss too, because it showed all kinds of incompatibilities with my virusscanner and some other installed programs, and although I've deinstalled some again, I'm afraid it will go to 100% CPU usage again and before I can do anything at all, ½ hour has passed by …). So this WinXP is not a solution either, but at least I'm not completely off the internet (and the resource of new files and knowledge) due to it.

    > I hope you succeeded to solve your problems already by now

    Well, I didn't succeed (tried SP4-installation in safe mode, but didn't work either … although it seemed to show less mistakes, so will do it again over there if I'll continue as written above).

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