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geen letters bij spel gta3 onder xp?

Ruud de Wit
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  • ik wil graag weer letters bij menu's en bij berichten bij gta3
    ik weet dat hier een patch voor is maar welke is dit????????
    weet iemand welke dat is. of is er een andere oplossing en welke dan.

    alvast bedankt.
  • Hier is de readme van gtaIII:


    Windows XP + nVIDIA based cards (possibly other brands):
    We have found a possible problem with Windows XP that manifests itself
    as graphical problems both in the game menu and also during game play.
    We have traced this problem to be a Windows XP problem.
    Technically this problem is solved by the use of a newer version of
    d3d8.dll than is shipped on CD with Windows XP. (The version on the
    Windows XP CD that has problems is 5.1.26000.0 – versions tested
    without error include 5.1.2600.15 and 5.1.2600.29)
    Currently the only way we know to update this dll file is to install
    the Windows XP Patch: “The Computer Cannot Enter Standby or Hibernate
    If a Direct3D-Based Screen Saver Is Running (Q306676)” downloadable
    from the following Web Site:
    This update may in the future be available as part of an official
    Windows XP Service Pack, a Windows XP Compatibility Update, or possibly
    a DirectX 8.1 update.

    Power VR Kyro 2 video cards
    We have been unable to fully support this card due to the nature of
    rendering on this card, and as a consequence some texture effects do
    not display correctly, though these are minor. We recommend this video
    card is used with a 32 bit screen mode, as in 16 bit we discovered a
    rare depth buffer issue, which is solved in 32 bit. We would also
    recommend making the following settings changes:
    => Go to the advanced display properties dialogue
    Select the Direct 3D page, and create a new profile for gta3.exe,
    Then inside this profile:-
    DISABLE W buffer
    ENABLE external depth / stencil buffer format
    ENABLE Direct 3d / stencil buffer format
    ENABLE depth / stencil buffer format
    ENABLE depth / stencil buffer loading

    Aureal sound cards:
    We have noticed a lot of crashing problems reported with Aureal sound
    cards. This manufacturer has ceased trading and is not issuing new
    drivers. We have had many problems with supporting Aureal cards in the
    past, and with currently existing drivers these cannot be cured -
    though trying non-Aureal Sound Providers may prove to be more
    successful than the native Aureal Provider. (i.e. Software, MSS Fast,
    RSX, Direct Sound Hardware, Direct Sound Software).

    Motherboard based sound chips:
    We have found certain motherboard based sound chipsets do not report
    having a hardware sound buffer, and crash with Grand Theft Auto III. We
    found that running Microsoft’s “DXDIAG” and performing the sound tests,
    will present the user with an error message saying that a hardware
    buffer is not supported, and would you like to use a software buffer.
    Selecting a software buffer will allow this sound chipset to work with
    Grand Theft Auto III.

    Hard Disk Defrag
    If you are experiencing short, periodic slowdowns whilst driving, Grand
    Theft Auto III may be having trouble retrieving data at a fast enough
    rate from your hard disk. It is recommended that you run your systems
    Defragmentation utility regularly to allow optimum speed in the game’s



    We recommend using the latest available Video drivers for your video
    card. Where available use the video chipset manufacturers “Reference”
    drivers in preference to video card manufacturer customized drivers or
    Microsoft WHQL certified drivers.

    Below for convenience are common video card manufacturer’s websites.
    Grand Theft Auto III may not support some or all video cards by a
    particular manufacturer. Inclusion of a manufacturer in this list does
    not mean there are any assurances of compatibility.

    3Dfx Interactive - http://www.3dfx.com/
    3Dlabs - http://www.3dlabs.com/
    Asus - http://www.asus.com/
    ATI - http://support.atitech.ca/
    Aztech Labs - http://www.aztechlabs.com/
    Canopus - http://www.canopuscorp.com/
    Creative Labs - http://www.creativelabs.com/
    Diamond Multimedia - http://www.diamondmm.com/
    Elsa Technology - http://www.elsa.de/
    Guillemot - http://www.guillemot.com/
    Hercules (see Guillemot) - http://www.guillemot.com/
    I/O Magic - http://www.iomagic.com/
    Jaton - http://www.jaton.com/
    Leadtek - http://www.leadtek.com/
    Matrox - http://www.matrox.com/
    NVIDIA - http://www.nvidia.com/
    Orchid (see Diamond MM) - http://www.diamondmm.com/
    SIII Incorporated - http://www.sIII.com/
    SiS - http://www.sis.com.tw/
    VIA Technologies - http://www.viatech.com/
    VideoLogic - http://www.videologic.com/
  • bedankt voor de tip.
  • is er ook een oplossing voor de nederlandse versie van xp
    daar werkt ie niet onder.
    dan zegt ie dat de language verkeert is.

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