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(XP) Vreemde map, vreemde submappen: waartoe dienen ze?

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  • In mijn windowsmap heb ik een map: [color=blue:4ea9267ceb]WinSxS[/color:4ea9267ceb] met hierin zeven submappen zoals: [color=blue:4ea9267ceb]x86_Microsoft.Tools.VisualCPlusPlus.Runtime-Libraries_6595b64144ccf1df_6.0.0.0_x-ww_ff9986d7[/color:4ea9267ceb] [color=blue:4ea9267ceb]x86_Microsoft.Tools.VisualCPlusPlus.Runtime-Libraries.Resources_6595b64144ccf1df_6.0.0.0_nl-NL_61f514b9[/color:4ea9267ceb] [color=blue:4ea9267ceb]Manifests[/color:4ea9267ceb] waartoe dienen die dingen? iemand die het weet?
  • ...Another extra compatibility feature is WinSxS, Windows Side by Side. WinSxS clears up any incompatibilities of how software interacts and utilizes DLLs (Dynamic Link Library files). This allows for device driver rollback, reinstalling a copy of previously installed drivers if problems occur....
  • WinSxS ...What's this you say? A typo of massive proportions? No, it's one of the really cool things under the hood of XP. WinSxS, also called Windows Side by Side, stores multiple versions of the same DLL to bring compatibility to new and old software at the same time. Basically some software takes it upon itself to proclaim that it has the one and only true DLL, thereby screwing everything else over. Some programs require new versions of DLLs; others require older versions. If a program suddenly replaces a DLL, you get all sorts of funky errors. SxS recognizes when some rogue element wants to proclaim its righteousness over a DLL and gently prods it to another location, leaving all the original files intact. The new program then thinks it has installed with impunity; in fact, the new DLLs have merely been crammed into a tiny little niche, all by themselves....
  • COM and Shared DLL Isolation Support Windows XP has a new folder under Windows called "WinSxS" (Windows Side-by-Side). This area is used to store versions of Windows XP components that are built to reduce configuration problems with Dynamic Link Libraries (DLL) (DLL hell). Multiple versions of components are stored in this folder. Windows XP allows Win32® API components and applications to use the exact version of Microsoft components with which they are tested and not be impacted by other application or operating system updates. It does this by relying on XML files that contain metadata about application configuration such as COM classes, interfaces, and type libraries. (mstechnet)

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