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Video display fails after installing XP Radeon 8500 drivers

Hello, I am running XP pro on a PIII733 with a Hercules Prophet 8500 LE 128 MB videocard and 767 MB Ram. The problem I am experiencing is this: Whenever I try to play any video file my screen goes black, and I hear sound, but have no video image. This always happens, whether it's just a simple MPG-1 I created myself, or the intro of a video game like Warcraft III, or even the EAX animation that Creative plays on startup. When I am using office applications or am in-game I have no problems whatsoever, picture is there and I have brilliant 3D performance in Unreal Tournament 2003 demo for instance with all grahical options set to max. Now the weird thing is that when I remove the Radeon 8500 series driver from Display adapters in the Device manager and then reboot the PC, I DO have the picture back in the video files, I can play the MPG with sound and vision etc. However I can no longer play any 3D games anymore, since the drivers aren't properly installed. UT2003 Demo gives this error for instance: OS: Windows XP 5.1 (Build: 2600) CPU: GenuineIntel PentiumPro-class processor @ 734 MHz with 767MB RAM Video: No Video GetDeviceCaps failed(D3DERR_NOTAVAILABLE) on adapter 0. So obviously I have to re-install the video driver properly. I have downloaded the latest sets of drivers both from Hercules, the card manufacturer, and from ATI , the Radeon chipsetmaker. .....but whenever I install either of them I loose the video picture again !@#$%. (by the way, installing servicepack1 for XP didn't make any difference) I would greatly appreciate any help with this problem, as I like gaming just as much as editing our home videos. Dit is eerder gepost op een engelstalig forum, vandaar de taal. Helaas, zinvolle reacties bleven op dat forum uit, hopelijk heb ik hier meer geluk. Reacties en tips mogen dus ook gewoon in het Nederlands!