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windhoos installeren na linux ?

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  • Hallo,

    het is engels geworden om dat ik de tekst ook naar samsung heb gemaild via www.samsung.nl

    On my brand new computer with asus a7nx8 motherboard and seagate serial ata disk 80 mb, and samsung dvd rom, I first installed Linux with Redhat 9 distribution (3 cd's) which finished completely succesfully.
    Also linux distribution Knoppix works perfekt !

    Then I want to install windows XP. But the install CD is not recognized. The same for an older windows 2000 cd.
    One more older windows NT install cd does recognize the dvd rom, but then the serial ata harddisk is not recognized.
    Because it is too old which is acceptable.

    How do I make the PC read the cd for installing windows 2000 or windos xp ?(without any windows installation on it yet)

    Do I need to create a boot flop as was usable in windows 98 ?
    If so, I do not know how to do it.
    There is no driver on the samsung CD which came with the samsumb dvd-rom 616, and I also did not find one on www.samsung.com

    Wie heeft er een TIP ?

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