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[RH 9.0] X-server sluiten

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  • Had net een driver gedownload van Nvidia., kan deze niet geinstalleerdt worden omdat een X-server nog draait..???

    Before beginning the driver installation, you should exit the X server.
    In addition you should set your default run level so you will boot to a
    vga console and not boot directly into X (please consult the documentation
    that came with your Linux distribution if you are unsure how to do this;
    this is normally done by modifying your /etc/inittab file). This will
    make it easier to recover if there is a problem during the installation.
    After installing the driver you must edit your XF86Config file before
    the newly installed driver will be used. See the section below entitled

    Hoe sluit ik die X-server af?
    :x :x :x :x :x :x :-?
  • Breng een textconsole op met: Ctrl+Alt+F2
    Log in als root en type: init 3
    Je zit nu niet meer in X-modus. Installeer de driver en type: init 5
    Je zit dan weer in X

  • :D :D
    het is gelukt

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